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Of all the tablets we've tested in recent months, RIM's Playbook has the loudest and clearest speakers

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Blackberry PlayBook       The Blackberry Playbook costs $572 and has a screen that just brings colours to life
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  July 12, 2011

The PlayBook is RIM's first tablet whereas firms such as Apple and Samsung have already released second generation devices.

Given that RIM is best known for its smartphones which are geared more for business use, we were surprised by the PlayBook's entertainment capabilities.

The speakers produced the loudest and clearest audio in this round-up, which made watching movies a treat. The device's LCD screen is also brilliant in terms of the visuals it creates. Colours look like they're ready to jump right off the screen and there's an undeniable sharpness to everything you see - the PlayBook's screen is easily one of the best we've seen.

The tablet also sports strong rear and front facing cameras. The rear facing camera delivered excellent photos and videos though the lack of a flash limits you to shooting when there's sufficient light. The front facing camera is also spectacular when it comes to video calls as it produces great image quality.

The PlayBook offers considerable business functionality too, though this depends on whether or not you already have a BlackBerry smartphone, as you have to tether the two together to reap the business benefits.  When we tried tethering the two devices together we found it a quick and painless process and this holds true even when the two are disconnected and reconnected abruptly.

Verdict: The PlayBook is a capable tablet whose functionality and usefulness will only increase as more apps and games become available.

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