Turkey arrests 32 suspected Anonymous members

Eight of those arrested are said to be minors, group is protesting against planned internet filters

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Turkey arrests 32 suspected Anonymous members Thirty-two suspected members of hacker group Anonymous have been arrested in Turkey after they took down several government websites in protest against a proposed internet filtering system.
By  Georgina Enzer Published  June 15, 2011

Thirty-two people believed to belong to the hacker group Anonymous have been arrested in Turkey, following the group's denial of service attacks on Turkish government websites in protest against planned internet filtering, according to the BBC.

Members of the group were arrested following a complaint by the Turkish directorate of telecommunications, whose website was hit by Anonymous.

These arrests follow the recent arrests of three suspected Anonymous members in Spain.

The Turkish government is planning to deploy a system which forces internet users in the country to sign up for one of four filtering packages on 22nd August.

The country's government says this is designed to protect the youth from inappropriate web content, but critics such as the Anonymous group says that the filtering system is parallel to censorship and will be used to monitor web users and crack down on anti-government protestors.

Turkish residents have been taking to the streets to protest the planned filtering system and on 10th June, Anonymous joined the protests, knocking out several government websites using a Low Orbit Ion Cannon (Loic) DDoS attack, which bombards targets with so much data that they become overwhelmed.

The arrests may have been possible to a flaw in the Loic attack, which can allow the perpetrators of the attack to be traced.

The arrests were made in 12 cities across Turkey and eight of those arrested are said to be minors.

After the arrests Anonymous took down the Turkish police website for several hours in protest.

2865 days ago
أبو كمال

No one should be managing the Internet, no one should censor the internet.

The Internet is much bigger than officials policies and filtering, and it goes beyond their imagination and control.

We all should stand to liberate the internet from the sinners hands that does the sins throw it consequences on the Internet...

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