Gigabyte Sumo 5112

The Sumo 5112 isn't much of a looker but it has got plenty to offer under its ugly-duckling hood

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Gigabyte Sumo 5112 You can swap out the Sumo's mesh and fit see through acrylic
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  June 12, 2011

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Key Specs

Colour: Black
Dimensions: 205 x 522 x 570mm
External 3.5: 1
External 5.25: 5
Form factor: ATX

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Whereas Japanese Sumo wrestlers are some of the largest athletes in the world, Gigabyte's Sumo 5112 doesn't dominate this grouptest on the size and weight scales.

The Sumo is a fairly attractive chassis thanks to its elegantly designed door and black paint job. The door sports an integrated LED light that by default is red. However Gigabyte also supplies a blue LED as part of the package so depending on your preference, you can customise the case accordingly. The door also sports a nifty optical disc storage compartment. We thought this was a simple but nifty addition that will enable you to keep a rescue disk in a convenient location.

Accessing the Sumo's internals is a tools-free affair thanks to thumbscrews and on the inside there's plenty of room to work. And while the Sumo doesn't offer as much internal space as the two Coolermaster behemoths you won't struggle to get a large ATX board into this chassis. There are also provisions for water-cooling and an armada of drive bays.

The case also sports three 120mm fan positions. By default the forward fan is setup as an intake whereas the rear two fans are setup to exhaust air. The Sumo's side panel, like the door, is also customisable in that you can either fit a clear acrylic window to show off your components, or if you're more concerned with cooling, use a ventilated steel mesh plate instead.

Verdict: A well-sorted chassis that can be customised to suit your needs. It also offers enough space and cooling for high-end machines.

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