Coolermaster Storm Sniper

The Storm Sniper retails for $182 and despite its massive size, it isn't the largest chassis in Coolermaster's portfolio

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Coolermaster Storm Sniper The Storm Sniper is a handsome case. It's also large enough for high-end rig builds
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  June 12, 2011

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Key Specs

Colour: Black
Dimensions: 254.6 x 551 x 566.6mm
External 3.5: 0
External 5.25: 5
Form factor: ATX

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Of the two Coolermaster cases in our chassis grouptest the Storm Sniper is the smaller, lighter and less expensive of the two.

The Storm Sniper is a different beast compared to the HAF X so far as cooling is concerned. Whereas the latter verges on overkill with multiple, large fans the Sniper is slightly more restrained though it still does a brilliant job of keeping components cool.            
The Sniper packs one front 200m intake, one top 200mm exhaust and one rear 120mm exhaust as standard. While this setup provides more than enough airflow for even seriously overclocked rigs, the case still has provisions for a bottom 140mm housing and a side-mounted fan of either 120mm or 200mm.

Building our test rig into the Sniper proved a cinch thanks to its predominantly tool-free design and large size. While it doesn't have vast acres of space like its costlier cousin, the Sniper can accommodate a large ATX board and a full set of drives and components without breaking a sweat. There's more than enough room within to route cables so they don't obstruct airflow and there are rounded edges, so you won't have to worry about cutting yourself.

The Sniper sports loads of front mounted ports as well as a large knob that acts as a fan controller. The latter is incredibly useful if you have high-speed fans and want to control their spin-rate and thus noise.

Verdict: The Storm Sniper is a decent home for high-end components and priced at US $182, you won’t have to dip too far into your savings to take it home.

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