Killzone 3

The latest Killzone dials up the action to 11, throwing unbelievable amounts of action at you. Your fingers will need rest after playing through this game

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Killzone 3 There’s no shortage of weapons in Killzone 3. Some of them are insanely powerful and will kill man or machine with ease
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By  Jason Saundalkar Published  June 12, 2011

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Given how strong Killzone 2 was on the PlayStation 3 when it was released back in 2009, we didn't think it was possible for developer Guerrilla Games to possibly improve on it. Boy were we wrong. Killzone 3 is the fourth installment in the long running first person shooter (FPS) series and it is by far the crowning jewel of the series.

Killzone 3 continues the story about the war raging between the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA) and the Helghast. The game opens from the point-of-view of two Helghast soldiers who arrive at Stahl Arms Corporation and are eventually taken to execute a captured Jason Narville. After a surprise turn the story jumps back six months and the insanity begins.

As before Killzone 3 is a seriously sorted shooter in terms of its core gameplay and mechanics. There are no annoying issues that get in the way of the action so you can focus on killing your way through the complicated storyline. With its latest release Guerrilla Games have dialed the action up to insane levels and the one thing this game does exceptionally well is create memorable battles. Whether you're taking on a huge boss or fighting hordes of soldiers in a seemingly no-win scenario, the battles will stick with you long after you've completed the campaign. These epic battles simply belittle almost every other game in terms of sheer shock and awe value.

Killzone 3 brings back some of the best weapons from its predecessor and throws a number of new butt-kicking ones into the mix, such as the StA5X Arc Cannon and the StA-X3 W.A.S.P Launcher. The former is a riot in tight corridors where enemies are charging towards you in single-column-formation, whereas the latter is an awesome fire-and-forget weapon that homes in on its targets, when using its primary fire mode. As before most of the weapons pack a secondary fire mode that alters the way the weapon functions and fires.

Unlike its predecessor and games like the recently released Bulletstorm (also reviewed in this issue), Killzone 3 packs an offline split-screen co-operation mode for two players. This mode allows you to run through the entire campaign and considering the immense action that Killzone 3 offers, it's a fun and welcomed addition. The only issues we have regarding the co-operative mode are that it's local only, so you can't play with a friend via the PlayStation Network, and during our co-operative jaunt, we noticed a few framerate drops when the action got intense.This could either be related to game coding or the PlayStation 3 hardware struggling to tackle what's happening on screen.

Besides its co-operative mode Killzone 3 packs a number of different competitive modes; Guerrilla Warfare, Warzone and Operations. There's also a Botzone option that allows you to setup a multiplayer match against AI controlled bots. This is another useful addition that most modern titles lack and while it may not be as fun as engaging in combat with other players, it is a good distraction for when you either can't play online due to a lack of friends or an iffy Internet connection.

Of all the competitive modes on offer we found Warzone the most fun though the newly introduced Operations mode is also capable of providing decent entertainment for hours. The reason the game's competitive multiplayer is so much fun is because of the various special abilities and weapons that are offered via the five different player classes. The fact that you can also upgrade abilities or gain access to more weapons depending on how you perform combined with the already strong basic shooter elements give Killzone 3 serious polish in terms of what it offers on the multiplayer front.

Visually Killzone 3 is easily one of the best looking titles on the PlayStation 3 today. It will blow you away with its highly detailed war-torn environments and stunning ambient visual detail. The first time we saw shadows change in realtime in relation to the way the sun's rays peaked through the clouds was a magical experience. The in-game animation is brilliant too; it's easily some of the best we've seen on any gaming platform. Since Killzone 3 also supports stereoscopic 3D those with 3D-ready TVs will be able to enjoy some serious depth perception and visual effects. Aurally the game suffers ever so slightly owing to the voice acting; at times it lacks emotion and so fails to convey the severity of the situation to you in a believable way. On the other hand the sound effects on offer such as weapon fire hitting enemies, explosions and sound given off by the game's various weapons are easily on par with the best Hollywood has to offer.

For: Massive battles that will shock and stay with you long after you’ve completed the game’s reasonably long and complicated campaign.
Against: Basic voice acting.
Verdict: Killzone 3 one ups its predecessor in almost every way, it packs a memorable single-player campaign and seriously addictive multiplayer.

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