Aiptek Pencam Trio HD

The Trio HD is so named because of the number of features incorporated into its compact body

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Aiptek Pencam Trio HD The Trio HD's video quality is far from impressive. It packs a decent microphone however
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  June 12, 2011

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Price: $95
Warranty: One-year
Weight: 75g

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Aiptek's PenCam Trio HD is so named because it can capture motion video, still images and function as a voice recorder.

As a video capture device the Aiptek scores points thanks to its compact size and almost non-existent weight. It is exceptionally easy to handle and thanks to a strategically placed clip, you can simply have it capture video from your shirt pocket while you move around.

Unfortunately the PenCam Trio HD isn't the best in terms of quality. While brightness and contrast levels were solid, colours lacked clarity and vibrancy and thus they appeared almost faded when compared to the original subject. Audio too is slightly off because while the Aiptek's microphone is impressively sensitive and able to capture even distant sounds, the audio itself sounds harsh when played back.

The device's battery life is also somewhat disappointing because although it takes well over three hours to charge via USB, when shooting video, the battery's flat after just
110 minutes.

As a still image device the PenCam is basic again. Shots lacked detail and like the video footage we captured, the colours were off slightly. Focusing the Trio HD can also be a chore because even slight movements can result in blurring. Here unfortunately the Aiptek's small formfactor works against it as you can't really hold it with both hands for added stability.

Verdict: While the Trio is portable and easy-to-use, its appeal is
diminished by its limited performance. 

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