Aftron A-Tab

Aftron's A-Tab is the least expensive Android tablet we've seen to date. Is it good value-for-money though?

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Aftron A-Tab The A-Tab is an inexpensive tablet but it's also got a fair few flaws
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  June 12, 2011

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Key Specs

Audio: Y
Card reader: N
Display screen: 7-inch
Internal storage: 4GB
Memory: 4GB

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Aftron is a UAE-based brand and the A-TAB is the company's first tablet device. Priced at US $272 the A-TAB is a lot less expensive than Apple's iPad, Samsung's Galaxy Tab and most of the other tablet devices on the market.
The tablet resembles Samsung's Galaxy Tab more than Apple's iPad in that its stance is that of an upright rectangle rather than a square. Weighing in at 500g the Aftron is heavier than Samsung's Galaxy Tab but over 100g lighter than Apple's iPad, so it's incredibly portable.

The device runs the older Android 2.1 OS, which considering its low cost isn't a shock. There's 4GB of memory as standard and, if you're a heavy apps user or you intend to store loads of content, you'll need to use the microSD memory slot to fit more memory. Up to 16GB can be fitted.

Using the device on a day-to-day basis can be frustrating and this is largely due to the 7-inch LCD. It doesn't run at a high resolution and when you're using the screen, it doesn't feel as good under finger as the iPad or Galaxy Tab. The LCD can be quite unresponsive at times too, in which case a proper stab is needed to evoke a response. The tablet can also take quite a while to make changes to screen orientation, which can again be quite frustrating depending on what you're doing with the device.

Verdict: Considering its issues we can only recommend the A-TAB for those with light demands.

2380 days ago
User rating: 5 stars

Pros: gallery,sounds,internet all are excellent!!

Cons: i cant connect with my laptop!!why?usb also connected

2522 days ago
User rating: 2 stars

Cons: security code

i put a security code even i remember that code but now i cant open it i dont know why : ( how come?

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