Sennheiser HD800

The HD800 headphones are the most expensive cans the Windows team has tested but they're also the very best

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Sennheiser HD800 The HD800s can be worn for hours, they're just that comfortable
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  June 12, 2011

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Key Specs

Connection: 1/4th stereo jack
Microphone: N
Price: $1,416
Surround technology: N
Type: Wired

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Sennheiser says its HD 800 headphones are ‘Crafted for Perfection'. As a result they comprise serious hardware which contributes to retail price of US $1,416. Don't be put off though because as far as the Windows team is concerned, they are currently the best headphones money can buy.

Thanks to the high-quality headband and large earcups this Sennheiser set can be worn for hours regardless of the size of your head and ears - we never once had to take them off because our ears were sore.

Feeding the HD 800 headphones a variety of music, movies and games, we were dumbfounded by the audio being pumped into our ears. The only way to understand the quality of audio being pumped out by these headphones is to listen to them in person at the Dubai Audio Centre.            

What these headphones do is make you feel like you're part of whatever you're listening to; when watching the T-Rex make its first appearance in the original Jurassic Park, we felt as though we were in the car with Tim & Lex.

Likewise when we shifted to music and were listening to ‘Come Away with Me' by Norah Jones, it felt like the singer was giving us a personal rendition of her hit song. These headphones are simply unbelievable.

Verdict: The Sennheiser HD 800 headphones are the best cans the Windows team has ever tested.

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