Data analysis driving customer satisfaction

eBay, Telefonica are developing a better understanding of customer satisfaction using data and analytics

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Data analysis driving customer satisfaction value of being able to analyse their data more effeciently, at the Teradata Universe event in Barcelona.
By  Georgina Enzer Published  April 12, 2011

Teradata customers, eBay and Telefonica, are developing more uses for the data and analytics that they gather on a day-to-day basis from customers.

Senior director of analytic platforms for eBay, Oliver Ratzesberger says that the company is branching out from just looking at transactional analytics and looking more at behavioural analytics to enable the company to develop products and applications that will appeal and enhance the user's experience on eBay.

"We really went deep into behavioural data about four years ago; we started with a behavioural data solution that can capture 100% of the end-user data and use it for innovation and experimentation. For example if you come and visit the eBay site, you will find a lot of innovation driven by experimentation. Whenever we have an idea of a new product feature, we are going to try it out in experimentation," said Ratzesberger.

At any one time, eBay is running between 130 and 150 experiments on the test and users automatically become test subjects when they access the site.

"When you visit the site, you are in one or more test groups that tells us whether we are doing the right things, for example whether we are improving the algorithms in the right direction and it helps us be much more agile and much more distinct in what we are collecting and using data off of that for," said Ratzesberger.

Telefonica, another large corporation using Teradata solutions is developing ways to better utilise and understand customer satisfaction through both behavioural and transactional customer data.

"Each time a person comes in and is buying a product or making calls or calling a call centre, he is leaving a trace. Now we have to make sense and rebuild this customer out of that data. Once the market starts to get more competitive, you leave the kind of behavioural data just for cross and marketing study purposes and you start thinking about customer satisfaction and churn," said Daniel Rodriguez Sierra, global IT business director at Telefonica Global technology.

Sierra says that Telefonica puts a lot of effort into understanding and predicting reasons why customers may be dissatisfied using gathered data. Telefonica also uses corporate data, gathered from inside the company to aid predictions.

"In a company such as ours which has reached a level of maturity in the market, it is intelligent to look inside the operation. There is a lot of value there, there are a lot of things that might be coming out just looking at the way you run the company," he added.

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