Blood Stone: 007

Blood Stone: 007 offers action-adventure style gameplay but how does it compare to the iconic GoldenEye?

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Blood Stone: 007 Bond rides in style, even in games
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By  Jason Saundalkar Published  April 3, 2011

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You have to feel a bit sorry for Bizarre Creations and the timing of Blood Stone: 007's release. As you can guess from the title Blood Stone puts you in the shoes of super spy James Bond but just as this game comes out, so does Nintendo's reworking of possibly the best Bond game ever, GoldenEye. While Nintendo's excellent remake is Wii and DS-only, the comparison between the two games leaves Blood Stone looking a bit limp.

That said, the game is an official Bond title, and it does capture the look and feel of the recent films pretty well. Daniel Craig and Judi Dench provide the voice acting for Bond and his boss ‘M'.

The game kicks off in proper Bond style, with a big-bang combat sequence, then a chase, before cutting to the title credits, complete with silhouettes of dancing girls and a proper theme tune. Pop singer Joss Stone provides the song and she also stars as Nicole Hunter, the token Bond girl.       

The music, scope and globe-trotting locations add to the Bond-ness of Blood Stone but the problem is, the gameplay and levels just don't deliver enough pace and variety to pull off a great overall game.
The plot focuses on the hunt for biological weapons but it just gets confusing. Bond goes to glamorous location, meets contact, kills them or sees them get killed, chases someone through the level to get another lead and off he goes to the next level.

There are only really two types of gameplay in Blood Stone - driving and first person shooting. The first person shooter mechanics are standard but there are limited weapons and the early levels all look very similar. Stealth play is a bit pointless as the AI doesn't seem to notice.

A nice feature is the melee kills that Bond can pull off, when an enemy gets close. The kills are satisfyingly brutal but you only really need to run up to the enemy and press a single button to execute them. It's fun but a bit too easy. Each close quarter kill also adds to a Focus Aim mode, where you can tag an enemy for an automatic headshot.
Many of the levels end with a chase sequence, and given that Bizarre Creations is responsible for Project Gotham Racing, you might have thought the driving would be good, but the levels rely more on memorising the course rather than reflexes and are often very unforgiving.

Bond has a smartphone that can be used as a HUD to show hidden enemies or hack computer terminals, but there's no sharks-with-lasers gadgetry that Agent Under Fire did so well a few years back.

For: Melee kills are brutal and satisfying each and every time.
Against: Limited weapons, pointless stealth play.
Verdict: Overall Blood Stone gets the Bond style right but the game is short, and repetitive, and doesn’t measure up against shooters available right now.

2790 days ago
Xander Newman
User rating: 5 stars

Pros: It is awsome because it has guns.

Cons: I hate nothing.

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