Mozilla hits back at locked in apps

Company releases developer code for creating an apps store for all platforms, all devices

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Mozilla hits back at locked in apps Mozilla Foundation, creators of the Firefox browser, are developing a completely open apps store where apps are not device or platform specific.
By  Georgina Enzer Published  March 7, 2011

Mozilla, creator of Firefox, has released early code for its completely open app store, designed to challenge both Apple's app store and Google's Chrome web store, according to The Register.

The goal of Mozilla's apps store is to serve-up web-based apps for any device or browser and Mozilla Labs has just delivered the first developer release of the project.

The first developer release features a spec to describe a web application, a set of new browser APIs that includes the ability for a website to "install" itself in a browser, and documentation on how to build what Mozilla calls a free or paid "directory of applications".

The company plans to release more browser- and device-friendly developments in the coming weeks. These will include an integrated 'in browser' experience with find, install, launch use, and manage flow; synchronisation of web apps to your mobile device; support for native browser controls, and integration with the operating system; and support for widgets and notifications.

Mozilla's project is an attempt to refute the idea that mobile and web apps should be platform and device specific and based in closed shops. Google's Chrome app store and Apple's app store are both examples of this.

The idea behind Mozilla's Web Applications model is to be able to launch a web application with a single click or share your contacts with web applications using any device or browser.

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