Kingston HyperX H20

For extreme overclockers Kingston's HyperX H20 kit might just be the right modules for the job

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Kingston HyperX H20 You can integrate the HyperX H20 modules into a water loop for maximum cooling efficiency
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  February 9, 2011

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Key Specs

Capacity: 6GB
Heatspreaders: Watercooling-ready
Price: $173
Speed: 2000MHz
Technology: DDR3

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As you might have guessed from its rather long name, the Kingston HyperX H20 KHX2000C9AD3W1K3/6X memory kit is an overclocking-ready set of memory modules with water-cooling support.

Our test sample offers 6GB of memory via three 2GB modules. Each module is covered by a heatsink, the top of which is attached to a pipe. The idea is you can integrate the three modules into an existing or new water-cooling loop for far better cooling than standard air-cooling will provide. If you plan to go this route you'll have to use piping with a diameter of 6.35mm.This is not ideal though as most high-end water-cooling systems use pipes that are far thicker. (Thicker pipes allow more water to pass through for better cooling.)

The modules are specified to run at a frequency of 2000MHz at 1.65-volts while maintaining memory timings of 9-10-9. Setting the modules to these specifications our test rig booted up without any drama at all. At these settings the memory modules ran only slightly warm to the touch. When we pushed the modules further we were able to attain a frequency of 2200MHz by increasing the voltage to 1.70-volts.

At the higher voltage setting the memory ran warm to the touch but when we integrated the DIMM modules into our water-cooling loop they ran 7-degrees cooler.

Verdict: An extremely overclockable kit that when used in a water-cooling loop will give even better results.

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