Toshiba Portege R700-15P

Weighing just 1.5kgs and sporting unquestionable ultra-portable dimensions the Portege could be the perfect travel companion

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Toshiba Portege R700-15P The R700 is a looker with a matte black finish and black chiclet keys
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  January 30, 2011

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Key Specs

Audio: Onboard
Card reader: Y
Display adapter: Intel HD graphics
Display screen: 13.3-inch
Internal storage: 500GB

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The R700-15P is an ultra-portable offering from Toshiba's Portege line and it is designed for ‘ultra-mobile performance'.

Like most Toshiba laptops we've tested in the past the machine's build quality is excellent. The R700 features a classy matte black magnesium chassis, brushed metallic finish, black chiclet keyboard and chrome hinges, all of which make the notebook a powerful style statement. Beyond its looks, the notebook is also rock solid in that there is no noticeable flex across the notebook's chassis, even at regular stress points where most ultra-portables flex a little.

Weighing a mere 1.5kgs this notebook is easy to carry and won't occupy much storage space either. We found the Toshiba's battery up to the task as well, as we noted a strong battery life time of three hours and 10 minutes. The R700-15P then is a fantastic machine for road warriors or jet set executives.

The Portege we tested employed an Intel Core i7 620M processor which was clocked at 2.67GHz. The CPU was backed up by 4GB of super quick DDR3 RAM, while a 500GB hard disk drive cared for permanent storage. Being a business notebook the Toshiba features an integrated graphics solution in the form of Intel's HD graphics adapter. This is connected to a 13.3-inch LCD screen. Despite its ultra-portable dimensions and positioning, the Toshiba features a DVD writer too and this gives the notebook an edge over the majority of ultra-portables on the market (most of these lack optical drives). In terms of connectivity the Toshiba is outfitted with an eSATA port, as well as two USB ports. It also has D-sub and HDMI video output ports.

Running our PCMark Vantage benchmarks on the Toshiba we came away impressed. The notebook managed figures of 6,289, 3,383, 4,035, 3,408, 6,226, 8,054, 4,956 and 3,205 in the Vantage Suite, Memories, TV & Movies, Gaming, Music, Communication, Productivity and HDD tests. These are healthy scores and on a day-to-day basis, the Toshiba felt very quick no matter what we threw at it.

Using the notebook on a daily basis we found the Toshiba was quite comfortable to work on. The 13.3-inch screen features a LED backlight and thus provides bright, vibrant visuals. The screen runs at a native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and is a star in terms of sharpness, everything displayed on screen appears crisp and easily legible.        
Another nice feature is Toshiba's Eco-utility. When enabled this configures the notebook to run in an economical power setting thereby reducing power consumption quite drastically. Our only issue with the Toshiba had to do with its cooling system; the fan frequently spun up to full power and was very loud after we used the notebook for a few hours.

For: Toshiba’s Eco-utility, elegant design, sturdy build quality, lightweight, strong performance.
Against: Noisy fan.
Verdict: The Portege R700 boats an elegant design, sturdy build quality and it packs enough power under its hood to tackle applications with ease. A capable ultra-portable for road warriors.

2886 days ago
User rating: 2 stars

Cons: 1) There is a problem with the Network Adapter 2) Very slow performance compared to its specifications 3) Heat of the processor

2985 days ago
User rating: 1 stars

Pros: slim & good in performance

main concern is excellent performance.....there is no question of dislike.

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