Adidas micoach Pacer

This workout device gently increases your fitness levels without straining your body

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Adidas micoach Pacer The Adidas micoach Pacer caters to all fitness levels, whether you are just trying to lose weight or are training for a marathon.
By  Georgina Enzer Published  January 18, 2011

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The Adidas micoach Pacer is an electronic personal trainer designed to help you monitor your fitness and get the most out of your workouts.

The micoach Pacer comes with three parts, a heart rate monitor which straps round your chest, a stride sensor which clips to your shoes and measures your pace and the receiver device which you can clip onto your clothes. The micoach Pacer also comes with earphones, but they are not very clear and kept falling out of my ear so I resorted to my own earphones.

Each part of the micoach Pacer device is very light and you cannot feel any of it while running, however, the micoach Pacer receiver comes only with a clip on the back, I found that while running it can unclip itself if you are not careful. The best option is to clip it to your MP# player armband while exercising.

The device does require a bit of setting up as you have to create your micoach profile on then plug in your micoach Pacer receiver device and set up your profile. This includes entering your height, weight and fitness goals into the profile section so the device can better calculate the number of calories burned.

The micoach workout plans include very basic get fit and lose weight programmes all the way through to work-outs for marathon runners, meaning the device can be used by anyone at any level of fitness.

During a user's workout, the device will tell you to speed up or slow down your run according to your heart rate and pace to keep you within your targeted programme.

To calculate your optimum work-out you do an assessment run as the very first workout where it tells you to run at different effort levels and measures your heart-rate, the fitness programme you then chose is based on those collected figures.

A user can change the voice they hear through the headphones, you can pick a male or female voice or the voice of a famous athlete, depending on your preferences.

Within your profile, you can also create a coaching circle, useful if you are training with friends for a race, or want to get fit together.

You can also route your micoach through your MP3 player, which means you can listen to music while you work out and your electronic coach will interrupt the music with running advice.

Once you have finished your prescribed workout, the device tells you how far you ran, how many calories your burned and what your total work-out time was. You then plug your receiver into your computer and the device will download your workout stats onto your profile so you can track your progress.

While this device does not kick you out of bed in the morning, you can set a reminder on the website profile which will send you through an email telling you to work out.

I used the basic six week lose weight plan and did three weeks of workouts before getting flu and then getting lazy and not working out.

During the three weeks, I was very impressed by the improvement in my fitness and I also liked how the workouts did not leave you in a crumpled, sweaty heap, but pushed you just far enough to feel good.

While this device will not kick you out of bed and make you exercise, if you are determined to get fit or improve your workouts and already have a rigid routine, the micoach will definitely help you.

Pros: Caters to all fitness levels whether beginner or marathon runner.
Cons: Setting the device up can be a little tricky and changing basic information is problematic.
Verdict:A great device to keep you on track with your workouts and to aid fitness levels.

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