Crackdown 2

Crackdown 2 is almost identical to its predecessor and in a market that's not packed with sandbox-style games, it struggles to find its footing

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Crackdown 2 The open world gameplay is fun but Crackdown 2 isn’t alone in the sandbox-style gameplay market anymore
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By  Jason Saundalkar Published  January 4, 2011

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The original Crackdown was something of a surprise for this reviewer because despite no prior expectations, countless hours were spent gunning down baddies, scaling buildings and power-lifting cars. That was back in 2007 when Crackdown was originally released on the market. Needless to say developer Realtime Worlds scored a fan in this reviewer. Flash forward to 2010 and Crackdown 2 has hit the market though this time around developer Ruffian Games has taken point in the game's development.

Like its predecessor Crackdown 2 features an open world and sandbox-style shooter gameplay. Unfortunately despite hitting the market three years after the original, absolutely nothing has been improved upon. The only difference is that this time around you have a new bunch of bad guys to go after.

Gameplay largely sees you trying to complete repetitive mission objectives, moving from one point to another to activate objectives and maintaining control of areas within the city. There are a few side missions that you can have a go at but really there's very little to keep your glued. Collecting orbs scattered around the game world is still an objective and like the first title, they eventually boost your character's abilities, allowing him to jump higher, run faster and pick-up heavier objects.

The only time you'll ever really have fun with this game is when you engage in the game's multiplayer mode. Up to four players can game together and considering what you can do within the game world, you could potentially spend a few hours raising mayhem.

The most disappointing aspect of Crackdown 2 is that even the graphics and audio have remained the same as well. Surely when a sequel is created, updated graphics and sound must be considered as prerequisites before anything else is touched? Unfortunately with Crackdown 2 this doesn't appear to be the case as it's a carbon copy of the original. While the first game looked great back in the day, it is seriously dated by today's standards. The fantastic Just Cause 2 just destroys it on this particular front and if you compare how much fun you'll have between the two, Just Cause 2 is easily the victor.

For: Still rather fun if the fact that this is essentially the same game as the original doesn’t bother you too much.
Against: A carbon copy of its predecessor.
Verdict: While Crackdown 2 is a fun sandbox-style shooter there are far better options on the market today.

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