Acer Liquid

Acer's Liquid is now available in either white or black and uses Google's spectacular Android OS

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Acer Liquid The Liquid looks decent but it's not going to turn eyes away from an iPhone
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  January 4, 2011

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Key Specs

Bluetooth: Y
Camera: 5.0-megapixels
Data services: Y
Media player/capture: Y
Memory: 2GB

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When Acer launched its Liquid line months ago the first model was only available in white. Today, the Liquid can be had with a black body though the phone's specifications haven't changed at all.

On a day-to-day basis the Liquid proved somewhat challenging to use owing to a number of issues. The first has to do with the LCD which struggled with fast finger movements - when swiping our finger across the screen (to change from one screen to the next), the Liquid seemed unaware that we had even made the gesture. Slowing down our finger movements got the job done but this is not an ideal solution.

Putting together SMS messages or e-mails also proved troublesome as the Acer couldn't quite keep up with our quick fingers and thus we had to make a conscious effort to slow down so the phone could keep up.

The Acer also appeared sluggish when it came to launching software and browsing websites. Looking over the Liquid's specs we noticed the smartphone is equipped with a 768MHz processor, which suggested that the CPU couldn't be at fault considering Motorola's Milestone offers a slower CPU and didn't struggle at all when tested.
The Liquid redeems itself in that it is the least expensive phone in this grouptest and is equipped with features that make it competitive with the other Android models here.

Verdict: A well priced Android device but its LCD and sluggish performance hurt what could have been an excellent value buy.

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