Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection

Adobe CS5 Master Collection is the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite, however is it necessary to upgrade just yet?

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Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection CS5 is massively improved compared to its predecessor
By  Clayton Vallabhan Published  December 20, 2010

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HD space: 24.3GB
Licence: Y
Memory: 2GB
Number of users: 1
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7

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After trying Adobe’s Creative Suite 5 Master Collection (CS5 MC) for a month it’s obvious that creativity can only be fully realised with Adobe’s latest offering.

Adobe has a flair for doing things well and that is best seen in the all new snazzy CS5 MS. Production and design applications from the older CS4 featured similar interfaces but with CS5 there’s a lot more flexibility to indulge your creativity. Everyone from photo editors to movie cutters to publishing professionals will find something in CS5 that will simply allow them to attempt feats they never thought previously possible. The usability has taken long strides to meet uber-functionality, imparting the ability to transcend previous barriers, for a more efficient and less time intensive experience.

The advantage of the Master Collection is, basically, having everything at your fingertips. It also means the most expensive option in the bouquet, which is probably its only downside. However, there is an option to upgrade if you have an older edition.

Once you're over the price barrier, one can truly reap its benefits when you see how easily one program melts into another. For instance you can easily switch a project between Adobe Illustrator and Flash Catalyst, Adobes latest animation maker. Flash Professional also allows creation of objects that can be absorbed directly into InDesign, a process that would previously lose steam between print and the Internet.

The time tested Adobe Bridge is available at your beck and call for anything you may need. However, since Adobe Bridge always had to be run separately, the guys at Adobe just decided to make life easier and create Mini Bridge, a less intensive utility built into most of the apps. This essentially does the same thing in a small panel, thereby eliminating any lost focus on the project. InDesign too has received some mega fine tuning and now sports a refreshed interface and enhanced usability elements that make things so much easier for both beginners and experts alike. Cosmetically, if you don't like the workspace you're working on there are a dizzying number of customisable options.

CS Live online services are available separately and include CS Review where documents from Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign can be shared with colleagues to view and post comments. BrowserLab on the other hand is a technological marvel for web designers, as it allows the user to preview content in multiple web browsers, spanning many different operating systems. Another time saver.

The barebones have been tweaked too with CS5, giving it a processing advantage over its predecessor by now entering the 64bit era of computing. GPU hardware acceleration is also realised when a compatible video card is present in the system. This can potentially provide a serious boost in performance when working with Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere. InDesign makes use of multithreading technology as well, allowing users to carry on with other tasks whilst the final product gets composed.

The compelling innovation, refreshed interface, seamless integration and staggering attention to detail make CS5 MS one of the most covetable packages in the world of creative design and publishing. There’s no doubt Adobe has hit a home run with this one and made every designer's life a little easier and a whole lot more exciting.

Pros: Unbelievable features, excellent 64-bit support, GPU acceleration makes a real difference.
Cons: Pricey.
Verdict: Creative Suite 5 Master Collection is an amazing package that will make it easier to unleash your creativity. The enhanced performance with the right hardware is reason enough to invest in this brilliant suite.

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