WRC: FIA World Rally Championship

The WRC: FIA World Rally Championship makes a return, boasting 18 vehicles and 78 track location across the globe

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WRC: FIA World Rally Championship You'll have to master driving on a variety of surfaces to become the champion
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By  Jason Saundalkar Published  December 13, 2010

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After a hiatus the WRC: FIA World Rally Championship game series returns to the PlayStation3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms. WRC: FIA World Rally Championship 2010 is a fully-fledged rally racing simulator, much like its predecessors.

For those new to rally racing simulators the game offers training modules as part of its Rally Academy, which helps you get a feel for the car and track. Here you'll even learn how to accelerate and brake and what impact it will have on the vehicle's dynamics.         You'll also learn how to drive a rally car in different conditions and how to approach difficult turns and bends, along with how the vehicle handles on different track conditions. We highly recommend this module, particularly if you're keen on trying the built-in career mode. This mode allows you to go from being a young unknown driver to a world champ but consider yourself warned; the climb to the top will be extremely gruelling.

The visuals of the game are reasonable though they won't blow you away, especially if you're used to other rally simulators such as Dirt 2. The audio aspects and navigator commentary could also be broader, as the existing palette gets repetitive and predictable quite quickly. Game load times can be lengthy too and can get a tad bit annoying, especially if you like to change your car and track as often as this reviewer does.

Visually, cars have a lot of detail and have many damageable parts. It's fairly easy to dislodge the bonnet and make the driver's door rattle, so rally fans won't be disappointed by the attention to detail. That said, the game's overall visual effect is somewhat limited, the environment is best described as devoid of artistic expression and in the day and age of 3D gaming, it seems dated and somewhat lifeless.

Thankfully, rally locations are plentiful (there are 78 locations) and gamers can choose whether they would like to race through mud, gravel, sand, snow or even ice. The driver is encouraged to tweak his car before it gets on the track to make sure all of its mechanical particulars are optimal for the upcoming race. This really makes a difference.

As you progress through the game you'll find that you're introduced to more vehicles (the game offers a total of 18), as well as to far more challenging tracks. Time trials, different stages and full rally event or championship events are all featured in WRC FIA World Rally Championship. Each of these events will push your driving skills to the max as the cars can be a handful on the different terrain.

For: WRC 2010's great when it comes to car damage effects; after a hard and messy race, your car will really look like its ready to fall apart.
Against: Basic visuals.
Verdict: WRC: FIA World Rally Championship 2010 offers tons of gameplay for existing rally fans and there’s enough to draw in new players as well.

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