BlackBerry Bold2 9700

Since it has been on the market for several months the Bold 2 9700 is now quite an attractive proposition thanks to its reduced price

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BlackBerry Bold2 9700 The Bold 2 9700 is a pleasure to work on because of its responsive keyboard
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  December 13, 2010

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Key Specs

Bluetooth: Y
Camera: 3.2-megapixels
Data services: Y
Media player/capture: Y
Memory: 1GB

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BlackBerrys have always had a serious business edge and the Bold 2 9700 is no exception.

Finished in black and sporting a colour-matched holster the Bold 9700 screams business and, when it comes to usability, it’s more of the same. Whereas other phones in this test try to inject graphics into every feature and function, the BlackBerry offers pure functionality. While some might appreciate this, the - at times - endless menu systems and options that the OS presents you with can become quite a chore.

Beyond this the phone is easy-to-use as far as texting and e-mailing are concerned thanks to its responsive QWERTY keyboard. While we maintain that the Curve 8900 has the best keyboard we’ve come across on a smartphone, the 9700’s keys are very useable too.

With a 624MHz CPU the Bold is quite a quick phone to work with though there is an exception - the 9700 took the longest time to boot after it had been powered down. We hope the next BlackBerry OS does away with this.

This Bold 2 9700 is equipped with a 3.2-megapixel digital camera but in use the slightly higher resolution didn’t make much of a difference as the Bold and iPhone 3GS returned very similar photos. That said low-light photography is where the BlackBerry destroys the iPhone 3GS thanks to its built-in flash.

Verdict: While the Bold won’t blow you away with its user interface, it is still a great smartphone with loads of features for an attractive price.

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