Kingston HyperX KHX2250C9D3T1FK3

While this HyperX module's model number may be a handful, high frequencies are something your rig will tackle with ease thanks to these modules

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Kingston HyperX KHX2250C9D3T1FK3 These HyperX modules will run at 2250MHz without any hassles. They're perfect for hardcore overclockers
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  December 1, 2010

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Key Specs

Capacity: 6GB
Heatspreaders: Y
Price: $336
Speed: 2250MHz
Technology: DDR3

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Kingston's HyperX KHX2250C9D3T1FK3 kit targets enthusiasts and overclockers interested in performance memory for their Intel X58-based systems.

The kit offers 6GB of memory and features Intel's Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) support. When XMP is enabled, it runs the modules at 2250MHz with a CAS latency of 9. Fitting these sticks to our Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4 motherboard we found the modules featured two different XMP profiles. Although both memory profiles push the modules to run at 2250MHz at 1.65-volts, the profiles' timings are slightly different. This is likely to help the modules run with 100% stability on a range of motherboards.

Selecting the first XMP profile the modules ran 100% stable at 2250MHz with a CAS latency of 9 at 1.65-volts. This is a very impressive performance that makes this Kingston kit the fastest we've ever tested. Not satisfied with this already immense feat we tried pushing the modules further and, amazingly, we managed to squeeze an additional 90MHz out of the sticks by increasing voltage to 1.70-volts.

As this kit features Kingston's Hyper X Fan active cooling system, the sticks ran cool throughout testing and we never noticed any instability at all. The HyperX Fan itself is easy to install and requires only minor assembly.

Verdict: Since you get high frequency RAM, competent cooling and a lengthy warranty, this kit is ideal for enthusiasts.

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