Intel Core i5 655K

The 655K is based on the Clarkdale architecture, sports two 3.2GHz processing cores and is equipped with HyperThreading technology

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Intel Core i5 655K The Core i5 655K is packed with 4MB of L3 cache memory
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  December 1, 2010

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Key Specs

Cache memory: 128KB total L1, 512KB total L2, 4MB total L3
Clock speed: 3.2GHz x2
Number of cores: 2
Power consumption: 73-watts
Price: $216

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Intel designed its Core i5 655K CPU for system builders interested in producing inexpensive pre-overclocked systems. Intel reckons this is possible since it has given the 655K an unlocked multiplier so high-end (i.e. expensive) motherboards with tweak-friendly BIOSs are not needed for overclocking.  

The Core i5 655K is based on the Clarkdale architecture and sports two 3.2GHz cores. Since it also features HyperThreading technology, it can process four threads simultaneously. As the 655K is just an unlocked version of the Core i5 650 CPU it is compatible with all P55, H55 and H57 motherboards.

Running our benchmarks the Core i5 655K performed as expected in that it returned figures that were very close to the numbers produced by the multiplier-locked 650 CPU. This is not a huge shock given that, as we said earlier, the 655K is just a Core i5 650 with an unlocked multiplier.

Thanks to its unlocked multiplier, overclocking the 655K was a very simple affair. First, we simply left the front side bus at its standard frequency and pushed the CPU's multiplier up from its standard 24 to 28, which resulted in a frequency of 3.8GHz. We also tried reducing the multiplier to 25, while increasing the bus frequency to 166MHz. At these settings the system posted at 4.1GHz though the PC wasn't 100% stable until we increased its VCore voltage.

Verdict: With its unlocked multiplier the 655K can be easily overclocked on even standard motherboards.

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