DemoCamp Dubai draws interest

Six entrepreneurs revealed their new business ideas at Dubai Internet City

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DemoCamp Dubai draws interest Majed Al Suwaidi, director of business development for Dubai Internet City and Dubai Outsource Zone said he was pleased with the progress of DemoCamp Dubai.
By  Georgina Enzer Published  November 25, 2010

DemoCamp Dubai 2010, the third one to be held in Dubai, saw a smaller crowd walk through its doors this year, with approximately 40 people attending compared to over 100 last year.

Despite the low turnout, entries to the event more than doubled from 2009. Thirty-four entrepreneurs applied to present their ideas this year, just 15 applied last year.

Majed Al Suwaidi, director of business development for Dubai Internet City and Dubai Outsource Zone was pleased with the progress of DemoCamp.

"We are hoping for the next DemoCamp we will get more and more people representing their ideas. The Middle East market is one of the most interesting with a huge growth potential at the moment," he said.

Six participants presented their ideas to the audience this year, with ideas ranging from the Infinitec Infinite USB Memory Drive (IUM), to the Arablance Marketplace. Each of these business ideas and any associated devices were created and manufactured in the UAE.

Among the presentations, Droid Shield, an application to manage Android devices, was the only one that was getting shown for the first time at DemoCamp. The software is designed to maintain and control any Android-based system.

It is designed to be installed on an Android device and is maintained through a self-service online portal. Through this portal users can manage their SMSs, set the phone to lock if the SIM card is changed, remotely enable or disable devices and parental controls, access data on the phone or device and many other features.

Other presentations included the Infinte USB Memory Device (IUM), which acts as a wireless host and streams your data from a user's laptop to any device within wireless range.

"The idea behind this was to find a device that looks and feels exactly like a flash drive but acts like a wireless host," said Ahmed Zahran, Infinitec founder and CEO.

This device does not store information, but uses the host PC as its brains, transferring data from there to wherever it is needed. The product was launched in August and has already been commercial for three months. The IUM is priced at $129.

Shihab Khalil, CEO of Zagtrader was next on stage with his online brokerage, Zagtrader. Khalil says his system is groundbreaking because it is a complete package which gives users real-time access to local, global and regional stock markets, real-time stock prices, is multilingual and has an intelligent research tool.

"We came up with this product to help investors manage their investments properly," said Khalil.

The system also gives users technical and fundamental analysis and is usable across multiple platforms.

Response to this device on the visible Twitter feed at the venue was subdued and one Tweeter stated that the system was "too complicated".

Arablance Marketplace, an online freelance website for Arabic speaking professionals got the audience interested with several Tweeting that this was just what the region had been looking for.

Mohammed Hassan, the creator of this site, said the idea behind this came because on a lot of popular freelance websites, the payment methods do not work in some Arab countries. To get round this Hassan is working on several options, one of which is the creation of an escrow account by the client where the money is held until the freelancer has completed the job.

Next up was Keychain Desktop by Carousel Solutions. This product was released eight weeks ago and is already being sold by seven resellers in the UK, UAE, Russia and Sweden for $300. The device acts as a mobile desktop and is the size of a USB.

"We found out how to integrate all of the VPN software, all of the security features anyone requires today and it is very simple from a users perspective as they plug the stick in, turn the PC on and first of all they are asked to put in a password, this password decrypts the area where they have stored their personal data. So we have two areas on the stick, one has the operating systems and the applications and one which is fully protected and encrypted with your data," said Carousel CEO Simon Nestel.

The password protected Keychain does not store documents directly on the device, but utilises users' corporate networks to access private files. The device is designed to contain users' most-used applications and can be used on any laptop made by any manufacturer.

enTrusted Token Technology software was the final presentation. The state-of-the-art technology developed by the company provides a secure way of transferring high value documents speedily and securely. Documents are encapsulated and protected by the users' biometrics.

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