Kworld Media Player M102

Media players are useful devices that allow you to view digital content on your TV. Is the M102 for you?

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Kworld Media Player M102 The M102 looks like an old modem but it's bang up-to-date in terms of features
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  November 4, 2010

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Key Specs

Price: $42
Warranty: One-year
WiFi: N

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Kworld produces a range of products with the Media Player M102 coming from the firm's ‘Home Media Centre' line.

Out of the box the M102 resembles an old, external modem though finished in glossy black, it didn't look out of place in our living room. As you'd expect the device ships with a remote control and while there are plenty of buttons to aid functionality, the remote's range can be a bit of an issue.

In terms of connectivity the Media Player M102 is quite versatile; you can hook it up to your TV via Component or HDMI. Going the Component route you'll have to use RCA cables to pump audio across to your TV or amplifier. Kworld supplies the Component and RCA cables as part of the package and while this adds value, we would have liked to have seen a HDMI cable thrown in as well.

The media player can access content via USB drive and memory card media only, so if you're looking for network functionality, you'll need to look elsewhere. The onboard interface is easy to use and breaks down content into categories; photo, music, movie, text and files. This is useful if you have a drive packed full of content and
you only want to look for music or movies say.

The M102 has reasonable file format support though one glaring omission in .MKV file support. Besides this however we were able to play all the content we threw at it.

Verdict: Lack of Matroska support aside the M102 works out of the box. It’s easy to setup and easy-to-use.

3111 days ago
dark angel
User rating: 3 stars

Pros: It works fine. Affordable compared to others

Cons: seems like the control is sluggish

nice to explore media player in budget. the other brands are too expensive and unnecessary for me

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