Dark Void

Dark Void takes place before World War II and sees humanity being threatened by a previously banished enemy

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Dark Void
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By  Gareth Van Zyl Published  August 11, 2010

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This reviewer has to admit that he secretly likes CAPCOM games. They're never too flashy, they don't always have the best graphics, and they aren't what are regarded as being the biggest releases. Here's the thing: they target those gamers who just love mowing enemies down with cool guns and climbing over topography in different ways. Dark Void in many ways reminds this reviewer of another CAPCOM game he recently played on the Xbox 360 being Bionic Commando 2. Unfortunately though, Dark Void doesn't match up to the likes of Bionic Commando, but this reviewer will explain more about this later in this review as well...

The game's story takes place during World War II and centres around a cargo pilot named William Augustus Grey (voiced by Nolan North) who is teleported to another world while flying through the Bermuda Triangle. This world is known as the 'Void', and Will encounters an alien race as well as other humans. The alien race is known as the Watchers whilst the humans are known as the Survivors. Moreover, Will finds himself in an area where the local tribes people don't want him to be there.

But Will nevertheless joins the Survivors who are engaged in a feud with the alien race. While helping the Survivors, Will finds out that the Void is a middle ground that connects the Watchers homeworld and Earth. Also, with the help of Nikola Tesla (with whom he seems to have some sort of mysterious relationship), Will uses retrofited Watcher technology to combat the Watchers and eventually find a way to escape the Void.

One of the ways in which he navigates the void is by using the jet pack. You start out Dark Void gliding through a few mountains and having to shoot a number of obstacles flying at you. This stage in particular is short lived, and it seems pointless at the beginning that you fly around in what is a difficult environment to shoot anything.
Taking enemies down proves to be another interesting challenge as while this reviewer is not saying he is the best gamer in the world, the ability to shoot enemies down does provide for a challenging task in this game. In fact, this reviewer found that for much of the time he was rather using the ‘B ‘ button to perform a punch attack, which, at times, was the only sure-fire way to destroy the Watchers.

The jet pack though is the only possible draw card in this game. It allows you to manouvre your away around your environment and provides for interesting fight scenes. The jet pack is just one of the major features of the game. The game's other prominent features include the helmet and the aptly named Liberator and Oppressor.
The Watcher helmet keeps you safe from falling or taking a bullet to the head, whilst the Liberator and the Oppressor are your two main guns. The Oppressor is an electro-magnetic stun-gun, whilst the Liberator is a gas-operated pump action destroyer.
This reviewer did find that there was some confusement over which weapon to select. Between stages there is a menu screen that pops up asking the gamer to select a weapon. However, this selection process is unfortunately not very clear.

Something else that is not very clear is what turns out to be vertical game play. That is, you can hang of a horizontal cliff and then shoot enemies from that angle. Unfortunately, this doesn't quite play out as it's supposed to possibly be intended, and you often end up battling to shoot enemies at that angle.

Whilst it is fun to sometimes mindlessly shoot stuff, this game does become rather boring and repetitive where stages seemingly never come to an end. Apart from the fact that the gameplay does become boring, Dark Void  further misses a trick when it comes to issues such as voice-overs not syncing with the scenes, with the graphics being poor, and the level scenes being not much to look at. Also, one never really knows what's going on in the storyline. Moreover, if you're looking for a challenge, this is isn't your game. Having been a CAPCOM fan, this game unfortunately has been their worst game yet in this reviewer's opinion.

For: Well, flying, but that’s all folks.
Verdict: Dark Void is fun if you’re a finger-basher who doesn’t mind bad graphics and a disjointed storyline.

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