HP Pavilion DM3-1340EV

Retailing for US $600 the DM3-1340EV is an ultra-portable notebook that targets cash strapped buyers

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HP Pavilion DM3-1340EV Cash strapped ultra-portable seekers will find the DM3's price and features attractive
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  July 21, 2010

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Key Specs

Card reader: Y
Display adapter: Intel GS45
Display screen: 13.3-inch LED
Internal storage: 320GB
Memory: 4GB DDR3

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HP has a wide range of notebooks on offer with the Pavilion dm3-1340ev falling into the thin and light category. The dm3 also targets cash strapped buyers rather than road warriors with deep pockets.

The dm3's body is a mix of brushed aluminum and glossy-piano-black and this combination gives the notebook a premium look that completely hides its budget positioning; in coffee shops the Pavilion drew a number of interested and curious onlookers. Beyond its good looks the machine proved its mobile mastery as it delivered four hours and 45 minutes of battery life under mixed use. This combined with its sleek dimensions and 1.9kg weight makes it an ideal traveling companion.  

Studying the machine's components it was easy to see why the notebook is such a champ in the battery life department. For starters it uses a dual-core 1.3GHz Pentium SU4100 processor and while this CPU isn't a speed demon it offers decent performance and, more importantly, a TDP of just 10-watts. The latter means that it is incredibly frugal in terms of power consumption (a dual-core 2.26GHz Intel Core i3-350M processor in comparison has a higher TDP of 35-watts). Beyond the battery-friendly processor the HP also relies on a LCD with a LED backlight. LED powered LCDs require less power while delivering the same or better color vibrancy.

The LCD measures 13.3-inches (diagonally) and runs at a native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The screen is well suited to the laptop in terms of size and thanks to its native resolution the screen is actually capable of displaying 720 content without downscaling. That said the CPU and graphics card struggled to maintain a smooth frame rate when watching 720p videos. Given that this notebook is designed for mobility on a budget however this isn't too big of an issue.

On the storage front the machine packs a 320GB 7,200rpm Serial ATA drive and this is something of a surprise because most notebooks, especially thin and light models, use 5,400rpm hard drives by default. Thanks to this fast hard drive and the 4GB of installed DDR3 memory the Pavilion offered very lively everyday performance; multi-tasking was smooth, loading Microsoft's Outlook and a 1GB PST file was reasonably quick and we could still work without tearing our hair out when the included Norton Internet Security was performing a full disk scan. The only thing missing here is an integrated optical drive.

Running our benchmarks on the dm3-1340ev the HP produced decent figures; it scored 3018, 1930, 2090, 1746, 3326, 3085, 2612 and 3819 in the PCMark, Memories, TV and Movie, Gaming, Music, Communications, Productivity and HDD Test suites. The scores make the HP a much faster machine than LG's US $80 more expensive Haier R450 (also reviewed on ITP.net).

For: Premium looks, aggressively priced, great disk performance, long battery life.
Against: No optical drive.
Verdict: If the lack of an optical drive isn’t a deal breaker, the dm3-1340ev is a fantastic notebook to travel with. Considering its $600 asking price it is exceptional value-for-money.

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