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Imthishan Giado, editor of Network Middle East explains how far we come - and where it looks like we're going.

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By  Imthishan Giado Published  June 22, 2010

Time never stands still in the dynamic world of networking. As the new editor of Network Middle East, it already feels like it's rushing out of my grasp.

Many of you may already know me from my earlier position as deputy editor of NME's sister magazine, Arabian Computer News, a position I vacate with much regret. Having extensively written about the Middle East's enterprise computing industry, I now approach the world of networks with renewed enthusiasm and a desire to get to the heart of this crucial industry segment.

After all, the network underpins virtually every segment of our lives, which is no mean achievement for something which barely existed half a century ago. In many ways, we can all truly say that we've lived through interesting times and have seen more change happen more quickly than ever before in human history. In my meagre lifetime alone, the list is astounding. I've witnessed the birth of the cellphone and its transformation from clunky fashion accessory to - well, it's still a fashion accessory for some but it's also become the most essential communications device on the planet. I have watched the rise, fall and rebirth of the PDA as internet tablet. From a bulky tome that occupied endless shelf space, all of human history is now searchable in a user-edited online database (although granted, it isn't always accurate).

Even the publishing industry has not escaped the transformation power of the network. Where once we might wait a month to hear from our readers, today every single word I write can be critiqued and commented upon instantly, both publicly and privately. What's more, where journalism was once a black art that required years of training and apprenticeship, today anyone can report on the events of the world - or merely his or her daily existence, if they choose. It may not always subscribe to the same standard, but the voices of the amateur and professional journalist can have equal weight in a world where few boundaries remain.

And let's not forget the explosion in data growth in the last five years. In the past, your data rarely stretched beyond the boundaries of your e-mail inbox and its associated documents - but today, the term ‘digital lifestyle' is widely bandied about as a means of describing the veritable explosion in data we carry around with us everywhere. And we want access to it absolutely everywhere - even our cars are not safe, judging by the number of new models from manufacturers like Audi which sport mobile hotspot options.

At the heart of all this data movement, this revolution in communication is the humble network. From wires to wave, it is our invisible but omnipresent link between each other. As your humble guide on this journey to charting the future of the network, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to every reader of this magazine and bid you buenvido - welcome. You're all most invited to join in with your thoughts, comments and suggestions about where we're heading and where we've been - please e-mail me at

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Abdulsalam Rahma

good article ... keep up ...

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The daily dawn breaking news and feature are full of current affair with knowledge so i appreciate these news .i study the daily these news .the standard of these news is according to current affair is so good .

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