Yoyotech FI7EPOWER MK3

The MK3 is a high-end rig with an overclocked processor, a high-end graphics card and a chassis that demands attention

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Yoyotech FI7EPOWER MK3
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  June 9, 2010

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Key Specs

Audio: Onboard
Form factor: ATX
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5870
Internal storage: 2x 64GB SSD, 2TB Western Digital
Memory: 12GB DDR3 (6GB tested)

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YoYotech reckons its FI7EPOWER MK3 is the world's fastest PC. In line with this claim, the rig is being sold through Sharaf DG with an otherworldly price tag. Before you get the MK3 out of its box you get the idea the PC is massive because the box it ships in is enormous. Unpacked, the machine lives up to expectations and as far as shock and awe value is concerned, the YoYotech is killer. The MK3 uses a Thermaltake Level 10 chassis, which is jointly developed by Thermaltake and BMW Group Designworks USA.

The case (pictured) uses individual cavities to house the power supply, motherboard and storage devices and, from a cooling perspective, this is brilliant; heat from the storage drives or power supply is isolated from the motherboard, CPU and graphics card. This makes the Level 10 ideal for overclocking and YoYotech has indeed fiddled with the machine's processor.

The CPU is Intel's Core i7 975 Extreme Edition, which boasts four 3.33GHz cores and Hyperthreading. This chip is a beast at standard frequencies but YoYotech has pushed it from its default 3.33GHz to a hyper 4.2GHz. As our FI7EPOWER MK3 is a prototype machine it was equipped with only 6GB of DDR3 RAM (production versions will have 12GB).

The MK3 uses ATI's Radeon HD 5870 with 1GB of RAM for graphics power. Another area where this rig packs some serious punch is storage. YoYotech has opted for a two pronged approach in that there's a massive 2TB 7200rpm Western Digital hard drive for your data and, for rip snorting game and app load times, two 64GB SSDs running in RAID 0.
Running our World in Conflict and H.A.W.X game benchmarks on the machine at 1920 x 1200 pixels with every setting dialed up, the PC returned framerates of 55fps and 74fps. Impressive figures. Moving to applications the YoYotech continued to impress us, its PCMark Vantage PCMark Suite score of 15840 is one of the highest figures we've seen. The machine also produced superlative scores in all of the other PCMark Vantage tests.

Although the FI7EPOWER is exceptional, it isn't without issues. The Level 10 while brilliant for overclocking can be difficult to work with. Adding drives requires that you open up the case's side panel in addition to the power supply, storage and motherboard cavities individually. This is simply so you can add the drives and then connect the necessary cables. And because the case is massive you'll need longer cables than regular or they simply won't reach.

Another issue is the price tag. At US $8175 it is one of the most expensive rigs we've tested and unfortunately the machine's cost is far greater than the total cost of each of its components. We suspect the MK3's size and weight tack on heavy freight duties.

For: Killer looks, dedicated cavities for components, brilliant application and gaming performance.
Against: Expensive, very heavy.
Verdict: YoYotech’s PC has oodles of character and packs some serious performance under its distinctive hood. The only real issue is its price tag.

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