Intel X25-V 40GB

The X25-V is a value-for-money SSD that competes with the likes of Kingston's SSD Now V Series. How does it perform?

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Intel X25-V 40GB This X25-V drive packs 40GB of space and has 32MB of cache memory
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  May 11, 2010
Key Specs

Cache: 32MB
Capacity: 40GB
Data transfer rate: 220.6MB/sec read
Form factor: 2.5-inch
Interface: Serial ATA

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Intel's high-end X25-M SSD drives offer tremendous performance but also carry a steep asking price that target money-no-object enthusiasts. With the X25-V drives Intel is targeting users that want SSD performance at a value price.

The X25-V is only available with a capacity of 40GB at the moment (higher capacities are expected later in the year) and carries an asking price of US $130. In this price range it competes with drives such as Kingston's $116 40GB SSD Now V Series (also reviewed on

In terms of features the X25-V can't compete with Kingston's offering because whereas the latter ships with drive cloning software, 3.5-inch mounting rails and cables, Intel's drive only ships with mounting rails.

Moving on to performance however Intel's 40GB X25-V doesn't pull any punches. In our HDTach 3 benchmark test the Intel SSD managed average read and burst speed figures of 220.6MB/sec and 249.6MB/sec. Kingston's drive on the other hand managed figures of 155MB/sec and 170MB/sec. In our real world tests the Intel SSD stole the show again, as it completed our Company of Heroes and F.E.A.R level load tests in 17- and nine-seconds. While the Kingston matched the Intel's F.E.A.R load time it was three seconds slower in the Company of Heroes test.

Value-wise Kingston's drive gets the nod as it has more features and costs $2.9 per gigabyte to the Intel's $3.25.

Verdict: The X25-V is a great boot drive but lacking features and a high-price steal some of its thunder.

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