Battlefield Bad Company 2

Bad Company 2 is easily one of the most engaging FPS games of 2010. If you're looking for awesome graphics and action-packed game play, give it a look

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Bad Company 2 will take you through ice covered terrain, dense jungles and more
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By  Jason Saundalkar Published  May 4, 2010

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BBC2) is the sequel to Battlefield: Bad Company (BBC). Like the original this new title offers both single and multiplayer game play, with the former based around a four-man squad of insubordinate troublemakers. BBC2 follows the exploits of the same squad from the original game and once again, as the gamer, you take on the role of Private Preston Marlowe.

On firing up BBC2 this reviewer's jaw hit the floor because the visuals are spectacular. The character animation is fluid and realistic, the environments, whether snow covered Russian forests or lush South American jungle were immersive and beautifully detailed. In fact the graphics are so crisp and the textures so detailed that you can easily get mesmerized. The graphics engine also does a good job of simulating dust and snow effects, which makes the game more realistic and much tougher to play at the same time; on more than one occasion firefights created an almost opaque cloud of dust that made spotting and killing targets on the other side impossible.

The accompanying audio is equally brilliant; weapons in particular sound authentic and have real kick to them and this reviewer couldn't help but smile every time a huge firefight took place. The voice acting is sincere too and while the storyline is paper-thin, the voice actors do a decent job of filling in the blanks between the entertaining and engrossing firefights.

BBC2 is equipped with strong artificial intelligence (AI), so you can expect a tough and, at times, frustrating experience on all but the easiest difficulty level. Enemy soldiers will flank you, take cover, toss grenades to smoke you out from cover and take advantage of the game's deformable terrain. If you think you're safe behind a wall think again, an enemy with a powerful weapon will simply shoot right through the wall to take you down (once he has spotted you).

While the majority of Bad Company 2 is played on foot there are sequences that allow you to drive or man a mounted weapon on a vehicle or helicopter. These parts of the game are very entertaining and you get the idea these sequences exist purely so you can have fun with the vehicle or an immensely powerful weapon (the chain gun is this reviewer's favourite).

The game does suffer from a few bugs at the moment; on occasion Marlowe simply got stuck to the terrain and was unable to move for a while. This proved quite annoying as it always seemed to happen in the middle of intense firefights. There was also the rare occasion where an enemy seemed to have an invisible force-field around him, which made killing him impossible. Only after moving did he become vulnerable to our weapon fire.

Our only other issue is that the campaign is short and took us just five hours to complete. Thankfully, the game features very addictive multiplayer, so you'll find yourself coming back to BBC2 quite frequently.

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