Intel Core i5-750

The Core i7 750 is a LGA 1156 processor packing four cores running at 2.67GHz each. It is produced on a 45nm fabrication process

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Intel Core i5-750 The Intel Core i5 750 packs four 2.67GHz cores and uses the LGA 1156 CPU socket
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  March 29, 2010

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Key Specs

Cache memory: 256KB L1, 1MB L2, 8MB L3
Clock speed: 2.67GHz
Number of cores: 4
Power consumption: 95-Watts
Price: $199

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This isn't the first time we've looked at the Core i5 750. We first looked at it back in October 2009 when Intel first launched its ‘Lynnfield' line. We found the CPU a cracker back then and now, a few months on, the CPU is still firing on all cylinders.

Running our Cinebench 10 benchmark using only a single core the 750 returned a score of 3514, taking 251 seconds to complete the render. Running the same benchmark in multi-core mode the chip's four cores and HyperThreading technology ripped the time to shreds; the job was done in 76 seconds while the score jumped to 11,616. The only CPU that posted lower times and higher scores was the more expensive Core i7 870. The same held true when looking at performance across the board.

Retailing for US $192 the 750 is great value when you consider you get a 2.67GHz quad-core chip that offers performance that was once only accessible to those that could afford the higher-end ‘Bloomfield' Core i7 CPUs.

This chip also proved ready and willing to overclock despite its locked multiplier. We were able to take it from its standard operating frequency to 3.4GHz without needing to supply any additional voltage. This amazing performance is thanks in part to the 45nm fabrication process that Intel uses to build this chip. We expect the forthcoming 32nm ‘Clarkdale' processors will be even more potent.

Verdict: The Core i5 750 offers superlative performance, is eager to overclock and at US $192, is temptingly priced as well.

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