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By  Jason Saundalkar Published  March 28, 2010

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Key Specs

Chipset: Intel H55 Express
Form factor: micro-ATX
Memory type: DDR3
PCI slots: 2
Price: $150

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Retailing for US $150 the Gigabyte H55M-UD2H is attractively priced and after spending time with the board, we found that it offered loads of substance.

Venturing into the BIOS we found it offered an extensive selection of overclocking options. In fact the H55M-UD2H matches Asus’ P7H57D-V EVO in terms of what’s on offer however the Gigabyte has a less cluttered BIOS layout and so won’t intimidate first time overclockers. Like the Asus this board also features a number of automatic overclocking features, so you can reap performance benefits without tinkering with settings yourself.

The H55M-UD2H returned very competitive results in all of our benchmarks. It managed framerates of 75fps and 253.9fps in our World in Conflict and Street Fighter IV benchmarks – the second highest scores in this round up. Its multimedia benchmark numbers were also impressive, it managed to beat MSI’s H57M-ED65 by a small margin in both encode tests and the WinRAR test.

In terms of layout the Gigabyte while easy enough to build a machine around will prove difficult to work with inside a case. The first PCI-E x16 slot sits very close to the memory slots so installing or removing memory when a GPU is present will prove difficult as the locks closest to the GPU don’t fully open. Unlocking the GPU itself will also be difficult as the CPU heatsink is just a few inches away.

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