Dell gets its Inspiron with Mini 10

Inspiron Mini 10 netbook is now in stores across the UAE for AED1,299

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Dell gets its Inspiron with Mini 10 Dell's Inspiron Mini 10 boasts a battery life of 9.5 hours.
By  Vineetha Menon Published  March 5, 2010

Dell's new Inspiron Mini 10 netbook is now available in stores across the country for AED 1,299...but is it worth your time?

To be honest, most netbooks these days all tend to come with the same specs but what sets it apart is its usability, design and whether it's the right ‘fit' for all that you need.

The Inspiron Mini 10 has Intel's new speedy Pine Trail processor and comes with Windows 7 Starter Edition - all the latest and best. But surprisingly, it did let me down in the beginning when I found it took approximately ten minutes just to get it set up for first time use.  Still, once loaded, I forgot about that little hiccup and instead found myself admiring the Dell Dock application on the 10.1"display.

When you think of dock style panels, you invariably end up comparing it to the MacDaddy, but I honestly think this is a great addition to Windows 7. It's customisable so you can drag and drop your favourite programmes, and easily delete the ones you don't use as often.

The keyboard is comfortable to use but the trackpad can get annoying since Dell has embedded the right and left buttons directly into it, so you'll have to press down on the trackpad area for those functions.

The netbook comes in spunky colours and I love the fact that fingerprints aren't that obvious on the cover. The textured palm rest is also a nice touch but the netbook's design mainly stands out because the entire unit is sloped (the base being bigger than the front) with the screen not sitting behind the unit but instead having it fitted on top. It might look a little odd but actually comes in handy when holding the netbook (once open) with one hand. It's one of those things you don't think you need until you see it - and then it just makes SO much sense!

The battery life doesn't quite get to 10 hours but you can easily do nine with just basic applications running so it definitely earns its travel companion badge.

Overall though, the two standout features for me have to be the Dell Dock app and the Inspiron Mini 10 cover that still manages to retain its looks regardless of how many times I obsessively trace circles on it with my fingers....

2782 days ago
Starcraft 2 Strategy

You cannot run any graphical intense games like Starcraft 2 on the mini laptop. You need a powerful graphic card like Nvidia GTX 460 and a decent CPU for Starcraft 2. Check out my Starcraft Strategy Guide.

2819 days ago

No, you cannot run Starcraft 2 on a Mini. This will be the case until the technology gets a lot better. Netbooks are made for the net!

The problem is not the processing power of the computer but the fact that 3D games like Starcraft 2 have intense graphics requirements. Graphics cards generate a lot of heat; there is not adequate space in a mini for a powerful enough graphics card to support gaming.

Cody Collins
Author of Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide

2855 days ago

Do you know if you can run starcraft on it? I had a problem running that game on the previous version of mini 10 dell.

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