Infinitec launches ‘infinite’ USB memory device

Dubai-based Infinitec unveils prototype of world’s ‘first Infinite USB Memory (IUM) Drive’

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Infinitec launches ‘infinite’ USB memory device Infinitec's infinite USB memory device
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By  Gareth Van Zyl Published  March 2, 2010

Dubai-based start-up, Infinitec, yesterday unveiled a prototype of the world’s ‘first Infinite USB Memory (IUM) Drive’, to be distributed across the USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East at a price under US $129 on July 1 2010.

The plug-and-play device has streaming capabilities that allows users to share entire hard drives as well as any servers, external hard drives or other storage space that a PC or laptop has access to. There is no limit to the amount of storage capacity that the user can share, and that’s why its makers refer to it as an ‘infinite memory device’.

The IUM also allows one to share a single file or an entire hard drive; and stream movies in full HD, music and pictures directly to any TV, DVD player, Blu-ray player, HiFi system, or any other device with USB capability. It’s also compatible with all major gaming consoles such as the PlaysStation3, Xbox360, and Wii.

It supports all types of files and folders with one having to mark the file for sharing using the IUM software – the files are then supposed to immediately appear on the IUM.

Ahmad Zahran, Chief Executive Officer at Infinitec, says, “Since the first PC was invented there have been external storage devices starting with floppy drives, then CDs, DVDs, flash drives, etc. The thing they all have in common is that they all duplicate your computer’s data and spread it over several units rather than having it all centralised. We needed a solution that kept your data in the same place while allowing you to share it with anyone without duplicating it.”

David McKern, Infinitec Business Partner, says, “The idea came about when we were looking at how do we get content from our laptop onto big screen televisions, there’s a lot of content that’s downloaded, but there’s no really simple and easy way or cheap way to get it onto big screen television, and hi-fi systems. So we looked at how do we develop this and get it through these devices quickly, easily and cheaply. And that’s essentially what we ended up doing is creating a product that meets those goals”.

3237 days ago

not so popular!!! a standard for sharing like DLNA is already there.Quoted from the website - "If your devices can do more things, you can do more things. Check out how the expanded capabilities of DLNA Certified devices can revolutionize the way you find, send, store, get, play and print your digital content. All you need to get started is a network – wired or wireless. That's because DLNA Certified devices today connect, discover and communicate with each other over a home network – like the one you might already have for sharing your broadband Internet. (There might be other ways to connect in the future.)Digital Living Network Alliance® began in 2003 when a collection of companies from around the world agreed that they all made better products when those products were compatible. See how it works -

3242 days ago

Misleading. This sounds more like a network dongle.

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