All aboard the iPad train!

Here’s a question: If everybody hadn’t had the strong suspicion that the iPad would have been released last week, would big manufacturers such as Lenovo and HP have made a big song and dance about tablets at CES this year?

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All aboard the iPad train!
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By  Gareth Van Zyl Published  February 2, 2010

We were exposed to dozens of tablets at CES 2010, with many manufacturers anticipating and trying to capitalise on the hype that Apple would create with its iPad. It’s become a given over the last few years that what Apple makes, people buy.

Barely one week after the launch of the iPad and everybody is still talking about it. The post-analysis of what Steve Jobs launched to the world last week continues unabated with some calling it a disappointment, some saying it’s no different to a giant iPhone, and others expressing how and why they’d love to get their hands on one ASAP.

But with everybody jumping onto the tablet bandwagon, it seems only natural for that increasingly all pervasive force Google to get involved too.

Take a look at this link on the Chromium website (which is the developer website for Google’s Chrome browser and Chrome operating system).  There are a number of concept pics and a video illustrating how the project developers envisage the chrome operating system could look like on a fairly large touch tablet.

The idea looks good in theory, and there’s also room made available for multi-tasking (something which appears to be lacking in the current iPad). However, the above-mentioned site is not strictly affiliated to Google, as it is the developers’ site. But these developers do have quite a big say in what happens with the Chrome OS.

What would further make a Chrome-based tablet that much more interesting would be that it would follow the Android route of being able to be ported to various different tablet models (and we know that there will be plenty of those to go around in the coming months).

With so much hype surrounding tablets now and with people still trying to figure out what they’d do with their tablets, it is becoming clear that consumers shouldn’t immediately go out and buy a tablet when they become available. This market space is going to be quite unsteady in the beginning and we will have to wait until there is a little more stability. I’d definitely wait a while before jumping onto the 'tablet train'.

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