iPad really is an over-sized iPhone

Steve Jobs' latest offering is nothing more than a big phone

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iPad really is an over-sized iPhone Dom Joly already had an oversized phone in the 1990s
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By  Rob Corder Published  January 28, 2010

I can't look at Steve Jobs cradling his new iPad portable tablet computer without thinking of Dom Joly, the anarchic Lebanese-born comedian who is best known for his sketches in the late nineties shouting into an oversized mobile telephone.

For that is surely what the iPad is, just an oversized iPhone.

I've never bought into the hysteria of Apple products. Intel/Windows-based PCs have always been cheaper on a price/performance calculation. I've been a Blackberry user for over five years and have never felt the tug of an iPhone.

The only product that Apple has really nailed is the iPod (and iTunes), which has revolutionised the way music is bought, stored and played.

I am surprised that Steve Jobs has ignored the massive growth in netbooks, and the sclerotic growth in tablet PCs, and decided to go for an oversized iPhone rather than an undersized Macbook.

The allure of a real portable computer with Apple's eye for design would, I believe, have proved to be a much more popular product. A Macbook Air netbook (a Macbook Helium?) would be stunning.

Still, we'll see who's laughing in a year or so. Will Steve Jobs continue to look like the greatest technology guru of our generation, or could he end up barking into his iPad like an angry Lebanese street performer?


3063 days ago

We cannot compare ipad with the amazon kindle. The kindle has many advantages over ipad's ibook. The main advatage is that kindle can be used to read book even when you’re out in the sun and you don’t have to strain. The display screen for ipad is just like your normal laptop screens and this will definitely strain your eyes where as kindle screen technology is like your normal book and you can spend more hours reading without a strain. I still agree that iPad is the bigger version of iPhone..nothing great about the device.

3065 days ago

Is it really an over-sized iPhone... Its features do NOT include a phone. Instead, it's really an over-sized iPod Touch. I like the new iPad - including the name - but I'm waiting until for v2 which will surely feature an embedded iPhone.

3066 days ago

I think you are very much wrong. but yes the ipod was the revolution and comes the iphone as a complementary but don't forget the apple sold 75M iphones in 3 yrs. they are cable of selling 50M ipads in 2 years. it is better than the kindle of amazon for reading books etc.. simply put i am one of the millions who needs it

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