UAE bank targeted in major phishing attack

Symantec identifies criminals activity but declines to name the bank involved

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UAE bank targeted in major phishing attack A bank in the UAE was recently the target of several phishing attacks.
By  Vineetha Menon Published  January 23, 2010

A bank in the United Arab Emirates was recently the target of so many phishing attacks that it led to the country being mentioned on a list of most affected countries for the first time.

Phishing is the process of obtaining sensitive information including account and credit card details by masquerading as a trusted entity. Most often e-mails are sent out by cybercriminals directing potential victims to fake websites that are designed to look exactly like the original in the hope that they'll be tricked into providing their details.

In the Symantec State of Phishing January 2010 report, the UAE entered the list of top fifteen countries with brands targeted by phishing attacks. It was ranked 14th after "a higher number of phishing attacks on a bank based in UAE led to the country making its debut in the list."

While Symantec declined to divulge the name of the bank involved, Middle East security expert from the firm Bulent Teksoz confirmed that there was not only a major attack against that one UAE bank but a minor one against another local, which could have also contributed to making the country feature on the list.

"We did not observe any use of toolkits based upon our analysis of the URLs. Mainly compromised domains and a few Web Hosts were used for the attacks. The compromised sites spanned the globe (Spain, Russia, South Korea, Germany, Peru, Ukraine, France, Poland, Thailand and the USA just to name a few) and were nearly all non-English sites," Teksoz commented when probed to provide more details on the attack.

3256 days ago

I was one of the victims of this phishing attacks and lost huge amounts of money. Unfortunately my bank did not have any second level of security for account to account transactions and this made the task very easy for the fraudsters. The huge amounts of money were transferred to several telecom operators.

3314 days ago

Mashreq bank, First Gulf Bank are some of the email mail scams I receive often..only on my EIM mail addresses though (etisalat should look into the matter, how are they getting eim mail ids in bulk???)

3317 days ago

Hi, I had received the same type of phishing attack from CBI, Mashreq and recently from FGB. I went to the link provided by this phishers to check the link to which it was redirected. I got the following link: I hpe this will help the authorities to take an actionagainst the people behind this link. I sincerely hope someone will be able stop this people so that innocent users are not fooled. Regards, hanfas Hanfas

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