Streamlined media

Read on as WINDOWS shows you how to stream media onto your Xbox 360 via Windows, Linux or Mac OS X systems

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Streamlined media
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By  Gareth Van Zyl Published  January 5, 2010

Perhaps you have an Xbox that has limited memory or maybe you have a wireless network and want to stream your media throughout your home.

Let's start then with showing you how to do it on Windows 7, Vista or XP.


For streaming media onto your Xbox using Windows 7, Vista or XP; there is TVersity, a program that converts content to proper formatting. Additionally, you'll also need to download ffdshow tryout and Codec Sniper.

The two latter mentioned software products will be used to clean up your codecs. To install TVersity, navigate to your control panel, and go to your Add/Remove programs. Be sure to uninstall any codec packs you might have, with utilities such as AC3Filter, Xvid and DivX.

The idea behind this is that you're going to remove these filters to the extent where you're going to the extent where you won't be able to play these files again. So, when you reboot, try to play the media and are told that there is a missing codec, you're on the right track.

Now, you're going to reinstall all of those codecs again. So, you install ffdshow to have all the necessary codecs again. If you want more advanced high definition for H.264 for instance then you'll need to download CCCP. Either way, if you're using ffdshow, make sure to select the default audio option (Stereo - 2 speakers).

Once you've installed it, you should be able to view the videos on your computer again. Now you're ready to install TVersity. When installing this software use most of the default options except for TVersity Codec PACK.

If you want to stream media on a network share, in other words on another machine, NAS box or a Windows Home Server; you'll need to configure TVersity service to run as a user who has permission to access the network share. To change the login information then, go to the Log On tab, click This Account button, choose a username and password that has permission to access network share.

Now, you need to restart the service. Then, once you've got it going, you can add media to the TVersity library. Be sure to indicate at the bottom of the screen about what type of content to expect in each of your folders. It's a matter then of opening the TVersity client on media streaming video, clicking on the green plus sign.

With Xbox, check the Media blade, the video option, x to select the source and browse to the video option.

Streaming on Ubuntu using Ushare

If you've downloaded the latest Ubuntu operating system, 9.10, or Jaunty Jackalope, installing Ushare on Ubuntu requires the following steps. Download Ushare from the website.

So, first start off by installing uShare on your Ubuntu system. Open up your terminal screen and type the following:

sudo apt-get install ushare

Then you're going to need to configure your uShare Media Server by typing:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure ushare

Now in the configuring process, you're going to have to deal with such issues as which port you're going to use (i.e. if it is wireless or wired).

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