FTS LifeBook T4410

The T4410 combines ultra-portable dimensions and tablet PC functionality but how does it function as a product on the whole?

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FTS LifeBook T4410
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  December 23, 2009

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Key Specs

Card reader: Y
Display adapter: Intel GM45
Display screen: 12.1-inch bidirectional touchscreen
Internal storage: 320GB Serial ATA
Memory: 2GB DDR3

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The LifeBook T4410 comes from Fujitsu Technology Solutions' (FTS) Tablet PC range and the company claims it offers ‘all the benefits of an ultra-portable with multiple touch capability'. Fujitsu also says the notebook aims to make users more productive in mobile situations and after using the notebook for a couple of weeks, we have to agree with FTS.

In the productivity department we could find no fault with the T4410 notebook. The machine's spill-proof keyboard and trackpad are responsive and comfortable to use, which means long work sessions aren't stressful, or painful. Besides responsiveness the trackpad's useable tracking area is quite large, so you don't have to artificially boost responsiveness to get around. The keyboard's keys are spaced well too, so regardless of hand and finger-size, you'll be able to make steady progress.

Multi-touch functionality is provided by the T4410's 12.1-inch LCD and we're happy to report that the screen responded very well to our inputs, whether we were using our fingertips or had a stylus in hand. While the latter provides more precise control, we never found ourselves getting frustrated when we poked at the screen with our finger tips. As the LCD is rotatable in either direction you can easily setup the T4410 as you see fit. The screen can also be folded flat, so the machine mimics a writing pad or notebook. Used like this the machine's five hotkeys provide convenience since they can be configured to launch applications.

In terms of portability the Fujitsu is quite well rounded. Using our battery benchmark the machine stayed alive for a reasonable three hours and 10 minutes, so unless you embark on very long journeys, the machine won't let you down. Thanks to its compact dimensions and 1.79kg weight, physically traveling with the machine won't be a problem either and if you need to remain connected when you're on the move, the machine offers WiFi and a built-in 3G/UMTS modem as well.

Beneath its compact exterior it is quite well endowed; the T4410 sports a 2.53GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of memory and a 320GB Serial ATA hard disk drive. The system's motherboard uses an Intel GM45 core-logic chipset and this is also responsible for pumping video and graphics to the machine's 12.1-inch LCD display.

Running our PCMark Vantage benchmark suite on the machine it returned results of 3584, 1983, 1079, 2096, 3971, 3859, 3416 and 2767 in the PCMark, Memories, TV & Movies, Gaming, Music, Communication, Productivity and HDD test suites. These are very strong results; the PCMark, Memories, Music, Communication and Productivity scores are higher than those produced by HP's more expensive HDX18 (x18-1070ee) desktop replacement (also reviewed on ITP.net).

For: Strong application performance, fair pricing, touchscreen is quite responsive, five-year warranty option.
Against: Still being sold with Windows Vista.
Verdict: The LifeBook T4410 is a solid machine offering fully-fledged touchscreen functions, decent battery life and healthy application performance.

3384 days ago
Thomas C
User rating: 4 stars

Pros: A perfect tablet laptop for professionals.

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