Turkey to give all citizens national email addresses

Email addresses will be added to identity cards given to children when born

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Turkey to give all citizens national email addresses Turkey's Anaposta project will see email addresses given to each of its 70 million citizens.
By  Vineetha Menon Published  November 30, 2009

In a remarkable new initiative, Turkey has announced plans to provide all of its 70 million citizens with an email address.

According to a report by the Anatolia News Agency, the chairman of Turkey's Information Technologies and Communication Board (BTK) said that The Anaposta project will see email addresses added to identity cards from birth, with each account having a quota of 10 gigabytes.

"... Every child will have an e-mail address written on his/her identity card since birth. So, will have a mobile network that can be used thanks to id number match and foreign networks, such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail, will not be used anymore," Acarer stated, adding that the software infrastructure of the project has already been completed and is now being tested.

It is part of a broader project that involves developing an internet search engine that is scheduled to be launched next year.

Acarer said that since all major search engines were based in foreign countries, they create a risk to communication security, and that they sometimes did not take into account the country's sensitivities.

"I believe that our search engine will be popular in Turkic countries and Muslim countries and I am confident that these countries will trust our search engine," Acarer added. While admirable, the idea isn't new - in September this year an Islamic search engine ImHalal was launched to help Muslims to avoid ‘haram' or forbidden subjects when searching the web.

3396 days ago

Turkey already bans YouTube in its country. A national Islamic search engine only makes sense if the government bans access to other search engines, as it has YouTube. Also, can you imagine in the west having a government-controlled email account?

3397 days ago
Reza Sardeha

This is quite a good read. We're already implementing most points the Turkish search engine should present except the email service which we have planned to launch in early 2010. Every single human being on earth can use I'mHalal as their preferred search engine since we're step by step improving the search experience on I'mHalal. Halal in I'mHalal stands for Quality and Purity.

3397 days ago

I don't think it will be like Imhalal, we have a secular state and we should address non Muslims and the non religious too. "Halal only" internet will contradict these facts. But nonetheless the idea is Muslim world would trust us more than American companies. But personally I don't think building a good search engine is as easy as he thinks and I am worried that this can bring more censorship rather than doing something about the current messy censorship rules.

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