Asus and Toshiba “most reliable” laptop brands

Study carried out by warranty provider reveals chasm in vendor failure rates

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1445 days ago

Thanks for sharing such a nice informtion but i am using Hp laptop from 2 years it work very well.

2029 days ago

I requesting you not to purchase toshiba laptop. Because it is having worest service i have ever seen. I used my laptop only 5 months. My laptop motherboard is gone , the service center people said they have to replace new mother board .
I am waiting from past 3 months i the mother board part itself is not delivered to the servicing center.

2129 days ago

just had to share my Horror story 'bout Asus (I call them asuks now!)... got my new asuks U56E, could Never get internet connection straight from the box....took 3 days & calls to asuks to get/download correct drivers which were Never installed @ factory...Then the keyboard/touchpad went Out twice....took the piece of crud asuks Back to the store...thought it was a fluke/ was NOT ...2nd asuks (same model) had a 'Fatal Error'...the Blue Screen of Death....just leave it at that.....Not happy going back to an HP...had minor problems, But NOTHING like the asuks....

2158 days ago
Kundan shekh

Really,,,Toshiba & Asus are more reliable laptops in india. Thanks for sharing this knowledge with us. Great article.
Regards :-

2176 days ago

I'm surprised that Acer gets a bad rap. My sister has an Acer Aspire 5532 and it runs great and is a very solid laptop. She's had it for about 2-3 years and has only had to sent it in to get repaired twice since buying it. Now HP is a different story. I had an HP dv7-1245dx that I purchased back in 09. The thing worked great until the warranty expired, then after 2 years of usage things started going wrong. It also had serious overheating problems. I had to sent it in several times to get repaired. So, it makes me wonder if people who say HP is great are being paid to say that. Thankfully though, my HP finally kicked the bucket and I'm now looking for another laptop. I'm thinking either a Toshiba or ASUS since they are said to be two of the best brands besides Apple and Sony, but then again that is the same reason I bought my crappy HP so I'm not sure. Do any of you have any suggestions on the best laptop brands?

2209 days ago
Frustrated with Toshiba

Will never buy Toshiba again. Keyboard needed to be replaced after 2.5 years. Screen always flickered but they won't fix unless it goes out which it just did and is now out of warrenty. Fan runs constantly. Second Toshiba to have backlight go out. I take very good care of my computers. I"m done with this horrible company. Started out nice, but not a good lifespan. $600+ bucks for something that only lasts maybe 3 years? Come on!

2298 days ago

Never Acer again! There were issueswith the laptop a couple of months after I bot it. Acer support was not helpful, unless I sent it back to them and they would replace it with a refurbished one (ie: previously broken also) for 50% of the price I paid for it. That was before the 1 yr warranty ran out. Then it totally wouldn't start and Acer refused to do anything about it. BAD quality, BAD service!

2355 days ago

I would never buy another HP...I had one 1.5 yrs old and after about 1 yr...just after the warranty was up it started malfunctioning. The fan was the first thing then a month later it needed a motherboard. I called HP as it is a known issue with this particular laptop and they said since the warranty was up they wouldn't help me. I was so mad after 1.5 yrs I am buying a new laptop :(

2842 days ago

The reason for malfuntioning of branded Laptops in UAE due to system manufactured in which country. Laptops from Europe and USA are of best and top quality ones which are unafforadble for common man like us but run smoothly without much hitch.

2937 days ago
viktoriya mavlitova

I bought Asus 3 months back in one of the IT retailers here in Dubai. I got K50IJ model. The interesting part is that I do love the model, solid and simple and what to my surprise the salesman told me I can modify my keyboard (which is english/ arabic) to english/russian in the service center of Asus for free. I agreed to wait 3 weeks for the shipment/replacement of my keyboard. This is what I call a very good after sales service. Im more than satisfied.


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