Patriot Torqx PFZ128GS25SSDR

How does Patriot's Torqx compare to other SSD drives on the market?

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By  Jason Saundalkar Published  November 5, 2009

When we tested Patriot's 64GB Warp SSD drive earlier in the year we found it offered fantastic performance and now, several months down the line, we find the company's new Torqx line pushes the envelope even further.

Running our standard HDTach3 benchmark on the drive first, it produced an average read speed of 213.2MB/sec, which makes it almost as quick as Intel's own second generation X25-M SSD. The Intel drive finished ahead managing a slightly higher average speed of 223.5MB/sec. On the burst speed front the Torqx lagged behind the X25-M by a fairly large margin as it returned a performance of 173.3MB/sec to the Intel's 255.6MB/sec.

Moving to real world testing the Patriot stood its ground firmly as it finished our Company of Heroes and F.E.A.R level one load tests in 18- and eight-seconds respectively. The X25-M only managed a lead of two seconds in the Company of Heroes test.

On the cost front the Patriot manages to beat Intel's X25-M drive, which makes the former great value given that it is almost as quick across the board. The Torqx manages to be even better value-for-money as it actually ships with a mounting frame. This allows you to mount the drive to a 3.5-inch frame and then stick that frame into a 3.5-inch drive bay. Good thinking Patriot; we hope all SSD vendors do this in the future.

Verdict: Great performance, strong value and a useful mounting system make the Torqx a great SSD buy.

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