BenQ nScreen i91

The nScreen i91 is for users that are keen on using a PC for light computing use. Does it hit the right buttons?

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BenQ nScreen i91
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  November 4, 2009

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Key Specs

Card reader: Y
Form factor: All-in-one
Graphics: AMD M690E
Internal storage: 160GB SATA
Memory: 1GB DDR2

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BenQ designed its nScreen i91 for users who just want a PC to get online and do other menial tasks and we're happy to say that it pushes all the right buttons.

The nScreen features a massive 18.5-inch LCD screen and this, along with the colour matched keyboard and mouse, are the only objects that will take up space on your desk or kitchen counter top. BenQ has tucked the rest of the machine away onto the back of the LCD screen and despite this, the LCD is actually quite sleek in terms of its depth. Good job BenQ.

As the i91 is designed to primarily act as a network screen that allows you to jump on the internet, go through e-mails, view photos and listen to tunes, it isn't exactly chunky on the specification front. An ancient - by today's standards - Sempron 1.5GHz CPU provides processing power and this is supported by a gigabyte of memory. Luckily BenQ has cleverly stuck with Windows XP rather than Vista and thus using the PC is a relatively lag-free affair. That said you'll notice the machine struggling if you get creative with your multi-tasking or if you have a massive Outlook inbox.

The nScreen offers enough power to watch most DivX movies but HD content is out of the question owing to the under powered processor and integrated graphics. The LCD is quite a solid performer however in that it's able to create crisp and vibrant displays.

Verdict: If you aren’t interested in HD content and just want an all-in-one for basic, everyday app use, the nScreen i91 has your name on it.

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