Karmic Koalas and Red hats

The Windows 7 launch has come and gone, but there’s other launches happening soon as well

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By  Gareth Van Zyl Published  October 27, 2009

Windows 7 has been launched. The Windows 7 parties came and went; the ads of people claiming to have ‘had a hand' in developing the operating system have graced our television screens, newspapers, magazines and radios. The hype around operating systems, you might think, would have died down.

But there's more happening in the OS space, with the open source Linux versions of Ubuntu and Fedora launching new versions of their software in the coming weeks.

On October 29, Karmic Koala, Ubuntu's latest OS kernel (version 9.10 to be exact) will be available for free download.

The open source Linux based operating system has a small following, in comparison to its bigger counterparts such as Windows. However, owing to the less-than-satisfactory Windows Vista, there has a been a steady growth in Ubuntu and Linux use that has capitalised on anti-Windows sentiment.

Ubuntu's Karmic Koala is set to have a number of new and interesting features. First of all its boot time is expected to be a lot faster, something that has been commented on by those who have taken the Release Candidate (RC) for a test drive.

Karmic Koala will also have new minimalistic icons in the system tray and it will continue to have the classic brown theme by default.

It's not only Ubuntu that will be injecting new life into its software. Fedora, the community project behind Red Hat, will also be releasing a new version of its OS in November. Fedora 12 is set to be strong on virtualisation features with a Kernel base virtual machine (KVM). Its further projected that Fedora 12 will have better multimedia support including better support for webcams, IPv6 and network controls.

The question is: will people still be inclined to download Ubuntu or Fedora now that Windows 7 seems to be much slicker than its predecessor? Albeit that systems such as Ubuntu have come a long way in recent years in terms of ease of usability, the fact is that for what often should be simple tasks, you end up using the terminal and the command line.

There's no doubt that systems such as Ubuntu will get better as the years go by, but they will have bigger challenge on their hands as the ant-Windows vitriol could die down slightly. If anything, the level of competition has been beefed up, and open source operating systems will either take to the challenge and grow further or remain in use by a only a few.

3456 days ago
Tamer Khirdaji

I installed the Ubuntu 9.10 . Its one of the best systems I ever had. Its fast and the Desktop 3D effects (Campiz fusion) doesn't slow down the performance of the system. All applications are running smoothly on it and it is much faster than windows.

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