Samsung ST550

Point, touch, shoot

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3071 days ago
User rating: 4 stars

Pros: toch screen

Cons: nothing

it is a breilent cammera plz any body said me how mach is it price in pakistani money

3173 days ago
User rating: 5 stars

Pros: I have an old apple power book from 2003, the photos I take with 12.2 pixels look absolutely fantastice

Cons: I need a better instruction book to work out manual settings I feel like I am using only ten percent of the cameras potential

Excellent. Worth every cent. I am a photography beginner and this camera has made it a very enjoyable experience. The dual LCD is an added bonus but not the best thing about it. I would say picture quality is.

3195 days ago
User rating: 5 stars

Pros: Dual LCD

Cons: the color

ST550 is the greatest invention among all the cameras. And their price is very reasonable. I dont think it is that much expensive, and when you get one with that money, you will realise that it is very worthy.

3197 days ago
User rating: 5 stars

Pros: dual LCD

Cons: no comment

No one could ever think about DUAL LCD camera! yeah it was possible with the cell phone but the pixels....was a bit bad... i guess,, So many ppl including me wanted something like cellphone but better than cell phone's camera. And finally Samsung did it yay! ST550 is so popular now and all of my friends want to try mine haha:) i became so popular too :p I hope it becomes more more popular:D

3214 days ago
Hanny K
User rating: 5 stars

Pros: Dual LCD view and the slim design!

Cons: nothing so far.

3226 days ago
Hanny K
User rating: 5 stars

Pros: I like ST550's dual LCD the most!

Cons: no comment:)

ST550 is so cool specially for girls:) ST550 makes ppl to enjoy with their self shot haha:D their features are very various and nice!

3266 days ago
Suresh Naidu
User rating: 5 stars

Pros: This camera has two displays that is the reason I liked it very very much.

Cons: I have no comments about this product. Only after seeing this camera personally I will comment on that.

When compared to Nikon, Sony and kodak this product seems to be excellent in lookwise and the design.I was confused whether to go for sony or canon but now I will pick only samsung because it is very good


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