Kingston DataTraveler 200

Who says you have to travel light?

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Kingston DataTraveler 200
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  October 6, 2009

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Key Specs

Capacity: 64GB
Price: $175
Software: Password Traveler
Type: Flash
Warranty: Five year

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Traveling with loads of your most important files and data is possible thanks to today's USB-based flash drives. The DataTraveler 200 is one of Kingston's latest models and our test sample packs 64GB of storage capacity. Is it worth buying?

In terms of features and long term peace of mind, we'd have to say yes because the DataTraveler 200 has Patriot's Xporter Magnum 64GB flash drive completely beat. Whereas the Patriot lacks any sort of password protection, the Kingston drive ships with the company's Password Traveler software. This allows you to safeguard your data quickly and easily. With regards to peace of mind, the Kingston offers a lengthy five-year warranty; this is two years longer than the warranty Patriot gives on its Magnum drive.

On the performance front however the DataTraveler 200 isn't the fastest 64GB drive we've tested. Copying a 1.2GB file from our test rig to the Kingston, the process took one minute and 23 seconds, three seconds longer than the Patriot needed. Copying this same file back to our test machine, the DataTraveler was nine seconds slower than the Xporter Magnum. These aren't massive differences if you don't intend to use the drive to swap gigabytes of data every day.

Retailing for US $175 the Kingston costs $26 more than Patriot's Magnum but given that the DataTraveler 200 offers a longer warranty and password protection software, we think the extra cost is justified.


Though this isn’t the fastest, most inexpensive 64GB flash drive we’ve tried, its long warranty and password protection make it worthy of consideration.

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