Dream Machine 2009

The WINDOWS team constructs Dream Machine 09 using a CPU that can handle eight simultaneous threads, boasts 6GB of memory and uses two SSDs running in RAID 0. If you’re curious about what other components feature in Dream Machine 09 and fancy taking the machine home, read on…

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Dream Machine 2009
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By  Jason Saundalkar Published  October 6, 2009

Give me graphics

Graphics performance in terms of both applications and games depends largely on the GPU you’ve got under the hood. So, the faster and more feature rich the GPU, the better the graphics you end up with on screen.

For Dream Machine 09 we obviously wanted a fast GPU that could play games without stuttering and for that to happen, the GPU in question would need to maintain a steady framerate of at least 30fps. Beyond speed we also wanted a GPU that could handle all the current and future 3D APIs and offered headroom in terms of being compatible with multi-GPU technology.

After much thought and a late but welcome arrival into the Labs, we eventually settled on XFX’s awesome Radeon HD 5870 graphics card. The Radeon HD 5870 is AMD’s latest GPUs and, as you can see from the benchmark table, is clearly capable of running games smoothly. Moreover the GPU supports Microsoft’s forthcoming DirectX 11, so it’s ready to tackle future generation games such as Colin McRae’s Dirt 2.

While the team initially pondered about using an existing dual-GPU card from either AMD or nVidia, we ultimately decided against it because those graphics cards have proven troublesome depending on the game in question. At the same time those GPUs only support Microsoft’s older DirectX 10 and 10.1 APIs, so they aren’t ready for next generation games either.

The XFX features a number of output ports including HDMI, so you can easily pump its awesome output to your LCD or Plasma screen. The Radeon HD 5870 also features AMD’s new Eyefinity technology, which allows you to run six monitors in HD mode from a single GPU. This proved an excellent feature that delivered a better overall gaming experience than a regular multi-monitor setup. In the end the 5870 just proved the perfect card for Dream Machine 09.

3453 days ago
Saptagirish Noshikunte

The Machine looks truly awesome and power packed...I wonder how much it cost you guys in terms of all the components. Could you let me know?

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