UFC 2009 Undisputed

Realistic all-out pugilism with Ultimate Fighting Championship 2009: Undisputed, but does this first UFC game deliver a killer blow?

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UFC 2009 Undisputed UFC 2009 Undisputed includes a full range of moves, including punches, kicks, holds, slapping and hair-pulling.
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By  Jason Saundalkar Published  July 13, 2009

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Before playing this game, you might be asking what UFC is in the first place? Well, according to the UFC website, the UFC[Ultimate Fighting Championship] is the world’s leading mixed martial arts sports association, formed in January, 2001. The championship consists of a sport of mixed martial arts.

On the UFC website, it says: “Mixed martial arts (MMA) is an intense and evolving combat sport in which competitors use interdisciplinary forms of fighting that include jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and others to their strategic and tactical advantage in a supervised match.

Scoring for mixed martial arts events in Nevada, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Florida is based onAathletic Commission approved definitions and rules for striking (blows with the hands, feet, knees or elbows) and grappling (submission, choke holds, throws or takedowns). No single discipline reigns.” The site continues to describe the sport as follows: “UFC competitors or “Ultimate Fighters” are among the best-trained and conditioned athletes in the world. While this is a highly intense sport, fighter safety is of paramount concern to UFC ownership and management: it is noteworthy that no competitor has ever been seriously injured in a UFC event.”

UFC 2009 Undisputed then is the first game to be released that represents this new sport. Apart from the above mentioned statement that there are no serious injuries in this sport, this is one of those fighting games where there are seemingly no limits when it comes to beating the living crap out of your opponent. It is pugilism at gaming’s most brutal, and this reviewer found this very entertaining.

Ultimate Fighting is a growing sport, and the result is that when you play this game there are video clips in between game play telling more about the sport’s stars and so on, especially in career mode. There are other modes in the game as well such as Classic fights in the UFC championship and exhibition match-ups.

There are seemingly no rules when it comes to fighting in this game: it’s all about knocking down your opponent or fighting a better fight in a finite number of rounds. If you start out in career mode, the game play can be quite slow and difficult to master in the beginning as you start out with what is a relatively weak fighter. But as you progress through the game, and your fighter becomes stronger, you’re in a position to punch and kick harder.

On the occasional time that you or your opponent gets knocked over, there’s the opportunity to kick the other while they’re down. If you happen to find your fighter knocked to the ground and trying to defend himself, you can block you’re way out by kicking back. Defending yourself does require a challenging pressing of the controls. On this point, the controls for the game in general are relatively complicated, as something as simple as the run function is seemingly quite complex to achieve.

The controls allow you to block and go on the attack with round-house kicks and wild swinging punches. It can be quite easy to knock somebody down with a single punch though, and this happens quite often throughout the game. Where this game is really strong though is in the graphics department. The fighters look scarily life-like. There is even video footage that appears in the game, and it’s seemingly difficult sometimes to tell the difference between the actual game and the video scenes. As a player gets beaten up, there’s also a progressive slide into more bruising and blood appearing on the fighters face.

Where this game executes in graphics, it is poor in presentation. Before a fight plays out, there’s no exciting introduction. Even the menus for the game are particularly bland and boring. This reviewer thinks that the game’s soundtrack though is quite interesting as it features a range of heavy metal and hard rock music soundtracks. Just the kind of music you need to get you going for an intense fight. Other than it’s poor presentation, this game is definitely an impressive start for the UFC series, and hopefully bodes well for gaming sequels in the future.

For: Knocking out your opponent early in a round with one killer sucker punch.

Verdict: A game that has excellent graphics and gameplay to keep you addicted for a while.

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