Fifa Soccer 09

EAs’ Fifa series of games has been around for years and while it might not have started on the best of notes in terms of gameplay and accuracy, the series has seemingly gone through an epiphany in the last couple of years

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Fifa Soccer 09
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By  Jason Saundalkar Published  April 6, 2009

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Number of players: 1-4
Online play: Y
Price: $73

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EAs' Fifa series of games has been around for years and while it might not have started on the best of notes in terms of gameplay and accuracy, the series has seemingly gone through an epiphany in the last couple of years. Fifa Soccer 08 was a good game and its successor, Fifa Soccer 09, is even better. So without mucking about lets give credit where credit is due; well done EA Canada.

Like its predecessor, Fifa Soccer 09 boasts nearly flawless presentation in terms of both audio and video. On the audio side, the game's music tracks are lively and fit the game well with artists such as Black Kids and Damien Marley contributing. The commentary too is superb with old timers Andy Gray and Martin Tyler chipping in with mostly flawless comments and very little in the way of repeats or mistimed lines. The crowds sound great as well and really help to create an atmosphere and will reward those with surround sound.

Visually, the game is brilliant and absolutely astounds with a staggering amount of detail regardless of where you look. This is especially obvious when you look at players as there is very real definition of muscle movement, facial structure and more. Complementing this is fluid and, more importantly, realistic animation that helps to improve the game's realism component further still.

Beyond its presentation Fifa 09 has immense depth. One of the newest features this game boasts is known as ‘Adidas Live Season'. When used this dynamically updates a player's form in-game each week, based on how the player is actually performing based on his real-world form. This makes the game yet more realistic though the downside here is that this is a premium, paid for service. Still, if you're a die-hard footie fan, this is a killer feature that will no doubt enhance this title's gameplay.

Another brand new feature that Fifa 09 can hold claim to is that it is the first Fifa game to offer user-controlled goal celebrations. So rather than watching the game's AI select an automatic response to a goal a player has scored, you can actually choose what you want to do by hitting the right button on your controller. Though this doesn't sound like a huge feature it actually improves the game's immersive feeling as you are connected to even this part of the action.

From a gameplay perspective, this new game holds a distinct advantage over its predecessor. The controls feel tighter and more responsive to play with and this translates into nearly instant action on the field. You never get the feeling that there's any lag between you hitting a sequence of buttons on the controller to the virtual player actually performing the move in-game. As a result, dribbling, performing tricks with the ball and scoring is bags of fun and very rewarding.

Jostling with other players on the field, the game takes into account the player's stats and fatigue, so you're more likely to win if your player's stats are better and if he is free from injury. Even collisions between players play out more realistically in Fifa 09, so as with the ball jostling, a player with more buff stats will suffer less in a collision with a weaker player. The game boasts realistic weather effects and allows you to enable rain or snow before you start playing a game. Doing so affects the player's visually (they'll put on gloves at times) and when it comes to dribbling and running, you'll find yourself slipping and sliding a lot more, which makes the game very challenging.

Fifa 09's artificial intelligence is very competitive and on higher difficulty settings can be downright unfair; it will easily steal the ball, trip you up and score before you know what happened. You can't even play dirty here because the game's referee is as strict as they come and will hand out yellow and red cards at a moment's notice. Ultimately then, the only way to win games is to play well and perform spot on passes and clean steals. Not a game you'll be putting down soon then.

Beyond the single player component, the game offers a host of multiplayer modes of which the ‘Be A Pro' mode is the star. Here you can play four seasons as a single player in an effort to work your way up the ranks until you finally achieve the role of your national team's captain. Here too if you get bored of controlling just a single player, you can opt to control the entire team and allow friends to jump in as individual players.

For:  Fifa 09's gameplay is realistic and rewarding and will have you coming back again and again.

Verdict: Whether you're a football fan or not, Fifa 09 is a fantastic title that should be part of your game collection.
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