Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus

If soul music legend Barry White (regarded as the ‘Sultan of Smooth Soul') had to have had a speaker dock when he was alive, he would most probably have bought Logitech's Pure-Fi Express Plus

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Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  January 3, 2009

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Key Specs

Price: $99
Type: iPod Dock
Warranty: Two year
WiFi: N

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If soul music legend Barry White (regarded as the ‘Sultan of Smooth Soul') had to have had a speaker dock when he was alive, he would most probably have bought Logitech's Pure-Fi Express Plus. The Pure-Fi has a smooth, jazzy look to it with a black plastic finish and an orange glow that appears around the system's volume dial when switched on.

The Pure-Fi's predecessor is the Logitech AudioStation Express, which was released a number of years ago. Essentially the company has now renamed its AudioStation products ‘Pure-Fi' and also rebranded the AudioStation Express as the Pure-Fi Express. The difference between the original AudioStation Express and the Pure-Fi is that the Pure-Fi is wider and longer and it's more aesthetically pleasing to look at than its predecessor, which had a block-like appearance.

Logitech has deliberately tried to create a speaker system that blends into one's living environment and Mark Schneider, vice president and general manager of Logitech's audio business unit, sums up Logitech's lifestyle design approach as follows:

"Our research revealed that as digital music players, and especially the iPod, become more integral to our lives, we look for accessories to optimise the experience."

Express Plus offers Omni directional acoustics, an innovative speaker technology only previously found in home-theatre systems. Omni directional acoustics basically involves the transmission of sound in all directions and, it works as claimed. The acoustics are very good, when you consider that the system costs US $99.99, but for those of you looking for a speaker system that plays music at higher volume levels, you might want to look elsewhere as the Pure-Fi lacks grunt. While one can get the volume up to what is a level ‘40', it's not very loud at all - you're neighbours won't be complaining if you play your music loud on this system.

Levels of loudness aside, one very convenient feature with the Pure-Fi Express is that it ships with a wireless remote control that has a range of up to 10 meters. The remote allows you to adjust the volume, play, pause and so on.

The iPod or even the iPhone fit the Pure-Fi really well, as the speaker system comes stacked with a recessed dock that has been designed with the aim of keeping the iPod or iPhone from getting knocked over.

When it comes to powering these speakers, the Pure-Fi Express Plus can run on AC power or battery power, but if you want to make this system portable you will need to get yourself six AA batteries. One downside is that it does not have a digital AM/FM radio and it doesn't have a rechargeable battery pack either. The Pure-Fi's alarm clock also merely involves a beeping alarm and does not have a snooze function.

In general though, this is a slick speaker system that works great as a night-stand on a bedside table. This is a speaker system for the more-relaxed and laid back consumer who just wants to play their music on their iPod or iPhone. The speakers' affordability also makes it a good purchase.

For: Awesome design and looks, wireless remote is handy, broad device compatibility, portable, great value for money overall.

Can't produce very loud audio, alarm can't be set to play music and lacks a snooze button, no radio.

Verdict: A smooth looking speaker system that has complete iPod and iPhone compatibility. Not for those interested in conducting mini concerts though.

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