Gaining first mover advantage

Zain Bahrain’s recently announced plan to upgrade its network to LTE came as a surprising development for the region’s telecoms sector

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3631 days ago

"and by already having a robust 3.5G network" No my friend, Zain's 3G network is nothing close to robust, not even remotely. When you use their 3G network you will experience the usual dropped calls, weak coverage and slow 3G download rates. When you complain to them about that they tell you to switch your phone settings to 2G instead of 3G. Sorry but you need more than their press release to prove that its 'robust'. And by the way, they might be the first to deploy WiMAX but their WiMAX service is a complete failure, I don't want to even go into the details of it. The only reason they make money out of it is due to the people signing contracts and the cancellation fee being 200BD+. Basically, from Zain's history, I'm not looking forward for LTE with Zain, and I suggest others to read reviews about their network before signing up if they deploy this service anytime soon.

3631 days ago
Mike Newlands

In your comment piece on Zain's decision to roll out LTE you say: "it is possible that Zain Bahrain’s upgrade to LTE will mainly involve a software upgrade, rather than the costly replacement of hardware." This is wrong. There is no software upgrade from UMTS to LTE. It is a new and different technology and a new network with new hardware is needed.


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